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Top 10 crystals sold this week: our favourite stones from Labradorite to Ametrine, Moss Agate to King Cobra Jasper, and Lepidolite to Smoky Amethyst. …
It is no surprise that the ‘most colourful mineral’ of the world, Fluorite, is so beloved. Although Yellow Fluorite is currently in vogue with its warm aura of golden sunshine, it is Rainbow Fluorite that is the true star of the crystal world. Shining with intense spectrums of colour, this mineral is simply mesmerising to look at. At Madagascan Direct, we provide top quality Rainbow Fluorite in various forms. From tactile, smooth pebbles, to large decorative slices, and sharp single and double-terminated points, Rainbow Fluorite is gorgeous in any shape. However, we are particularly excited about the new influx of Rainbow Fluorite Waves arriving soon to our store.…
Do not be ashamed to reveal your love for bright gemstones to the world. However, precious gems do cost money and you may not be able to afford every kind at a time. Forget the sparkle of rubies, diamonds and emeralds and concentrate on the humble fluorite instead. It is believed to be astonishingly iridescent, exhibiting just about all shades of the spectrum.…
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