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Madagascan Direct is the online retail store for Hidden Earth Ltd. Importers of Crystals and Fossils from fossils in basketsMadagascar. We have a wide variety of crystals and fossils for sale and our stock is changing regularly. Started 18 years ago we have been sourcing high quality material exclusively from Madagascar and we have really got to know the products we are dealing with. Having been in the industry for 25 years seeing Madagascan Fossils and crystals for sale in the beginning was truly jaw dropping and we immediately knew this was the only material that we wanted to do business with. The rest is history and we have built excellent relationships with our suppliers in Madagascar and our customers from across the world.

fossil wood pileOur wholesale showroom for Hidden Earth ltd. is based in the south west of England and is open by appointment to shops and traders. We hand pick all of our stock in Madagascar and import several sea containers each year into the UK. Much of our stock is one off pieces and is irreplaceable, we have learnt from our years in Madagascar that if you see something nice buy it because you might never see it again.

Online we are fair traders and we offer a 100% money back guarantee and over the last 9 years of being online we have had excellent customer satisfaction. Please enjoy our site. Best Wishes from Mark, Rob, Jenny and Alisha.

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Crystals are minerals found within rocks and form a specific shape with a highly structured interior, something like lattice work. The colours of crystals vary sharply as do their properties. While…

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