Amazing Colourful Fluorites


Amazing colourful Fluorites

Do not be ashamed to reveal your love for bright gemstones to the world. However, precious gems do cost moneyRainbow Fluorite and you may not be able to afford every kind at a time. Forget the sparkle of rubies, diamonds and emeralds and concentrate on the humble fluorite instead. It is believed to be astonishingly iridescent, exhibiting just about all shades of the spectrum.

You would be amazed to know that the best and purest form of fluorite crystal is almost colourless and totally transparent. It is no diamond though! You would thus be justified in buying fluorites in a number of enticing hues including the bright yellow and brilliant purple being reflected when it is exposed to light.

Yellow FluoriteAptly dubbed as the, ‘most colourful mineral’ of the world you will be excited to find it in blue, yellow, green and purple. Do not hesitate to keep a pink fluorite if you come across it though. This is one of the rarest shades that you could find in a fluorite. Do not expect a solid colour like an emerald, however. You are more likely to find the stone banded with different colours peeping out of different zones.

Make sure to obtain an incredible Rainbow fluorite or pretty yellow fluorite by visiting and place it on the side table or work desk to harness its innate powers.Rainbow Fluorite

Crystal healing would be kind of incomplete without this astounding crystal that comes in a wide variety of colours. It is certain to have a deep impact on both your mind and body ensuring emotional and physical well-being simultaneously.

Invest in double terminated points or add slices of rainbow fluorite all around your room to enhance the quality of sleep. You may find the old aches and pains disappear magically when you have been placed under the protection of an awesome fluorite.


Rainbow FluoriteYellow Fluorite

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