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was £12.00
Labradorite Heart from Madagascar. This lovely hand made heart is 4.65cm wide and made…
was £18.00
Ametrine Quartz Point, crystal for sale. This stunning 5.1cm tall cut and shaped Ametrine…
was £18.00
Labradorite Ammonite Carving from Madagascar 5.8cm at widest diameter, this wonderful…
was £18.00
Ametrine Quartz Point, crystal for sale. This wonderful 4.71cm tall cut and shaped…
was £24.00
Yellow Quartz Pebble, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This striking tactile yellow…
was £15.00
Ametrine Double Terminated Quartz Point, crystal for sale. This glorious 5.7cm long…

Throughout most of the mesozoic era which was about 251 million years ago to 65 million years ago Madagascar and India were connected and as this was the age of the dinosaurs they therefore shared…

At Madagascan Direct, you can find a vast array of crystals with wonderful healing properties. Whether you’re after a stone to help you fall (and stay) asleep, or a stone to improve…

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