Top 10 Crystals Of The Week #1


Top 10 Crystals Of The Week #1

Spectrolite Cabochons

As fossil and crystal enthusiasts here at Madagascan Direct, it is often difficult to let go of the many beautiful crystals we house in our little crystal emporium. 

We would love to keep all of the wonderful specimens we find, but we are equally happy to be able to to share the joy of stones and crystals with all of our loyal customers around the world.  

So that we can remember some of the gorgeous crystals we have had the pleasure of working with, we've decided to share with you all the Top 10 Crystals we've loved and lost this week. 

If you're looking for a crystal or fossil to add to your own collection, why not have a look through our large catalogue of crystals and fossils for sale

Without further adieu, let's take a look at some of our favourite crystals that have gone to new homes!

1) Amethyst Crystal Stand Up

Amethyst Crystals Cluster

This gorgeous 13cm tall Uruguayan high-grade purple Amethyst cluster came from the Artigas region of Uruguay, which is renowned for producing the best quality crystals composed from the deepest colours.

We were mesmerised by the vivid violet and deep purple shades of the Amethyst crystals, which glistened and twinkled in the light due to their dazzling druzy effect

We were particularly enamoured by this piece because of its height and slim shape which made it unique amongst our range of affordable Amethyst stand up pieces. 

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2) Lapis Lazuli Pebble

Lapis Lazuli Palmstones

This lovely Lapis Lazuli pebble has the honour of being the first piece of our new batch of high-grade Lapis to be sold.

We've been very excited about sharing our new Lapis with you all, as its bright royal blue colouring and polish are the best we've ever had when it comes to this stone. 

Each Lapis pebble is truly unique and streaked in various patterns with stunning golden flakes of Pyrite. This pebble measured a sturdy 6.2cm long, making it a perfect choice for a palm stone

We hope that the new owner of this gorgeous Lapis Lazuli piece is as happy with it as we were!

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3) Labradorite Freeform

Labradorite Freeform

Labradorite Freeforms continue to be a staple of our crystal catalogue at Madagascan Direct.

This amazing display piece measured nearly 12cm tall, and we're sure it's going to look marvellous in its new home. 

Labradorite is one of our favourite stones to display, and we have plenty of Labradorite pieces dotted around our own homes. 

We just can't get enough of its iridescent blue and gold flashes!

Excitingly, we are expecting some more Labradorite Freeforms and pebbles soon in our imminent shipment, including some gorgeous Purple Labradorite

Buy Labradorite online now at Madagascan Direct. 

4) Smoky Amethyst Quartz Point

Smoky Amethyst Crystals

Smoky Amethyst remains an ever popular stone in our collection, which could be because of its rarity, or simply its gorgeous aesthetics. 

This piece demonstrated a delightful mix of violet Amethyst and smoky shades of Smoky Quartz with striking elements of Clear Quartz

Sourced from Brazil, we are rapidly running out of stock for this gorgeous gemmy crystal

It has become increasingly difficult to acquire Smoky Amethyst, however we continue to search for new sources of this amazing stone. 

Buy Smoky Amethyst online now at Madagascan Direct. 

5) King Cobra Jasper Sphere

King Cobra Jasper Druzy

King Cobra Jasper is one of the most versatile stones we have available in our large crystal collections, and this piece was particularly rare and unusual.

Displaying cream, beige, and peach coloured orbs, this large sphere was subtle in colour but vibrant to the eye. 

It displayed a very large druzy vug which was eye-catching to say the least!

Although this crystal ball has already gone to a new home, we have plenty of other unique large Cobra Jasper display pieces available for your own home. 

Buy King Cobra Jasper online now at Madagascan Direct. 

6) Druzy Moss Agate Bowl

Druzy Moss Agate Bowl

This large crystal bowl is going to be a perfect display piece in its new home. 

We wonder what it will be used for; will it hold small crystals and bits and bobs, or will it be purely decorative? 

Moss Agate is one of our favourite stones because of the variation in colour and pattern between each specimen, and we loved how intricate this bowl was, with its contrast between green moss-like patterns, shades of powder blue, and white Quartz elements. 

Furthermore, we can never resist a druzy crystal!

Buy Moss Agate online now at Madagascan Direct. 

7) Kambaba Jasper Pebble

Kambaba Jasper Pebble

We feel that Kambaba Jasper is a real highlight of our large, varied Jasper collection due to its intricate patterns and striking colour scheme. 

We particularly love that Kambaba Jasper unites two of our favourite things: fossils and crystals (this type of Jasper is formed from fossilised algae called stromatolites). 

This pebble measured 5.6cm long, meaning it was a hefty palm stone size which we found to be very tactile to hold in the hand. 

We hope that its new owner enjoys holding the stone and feeling its smooth, polished surface. 

Buy Kambaba Jasper online now at Madagascan Direct. 

8) Rainbow Fluorite Wave

Rainbow Fluorite Wave

Our new Rainbow Fluorite Waves have been selling really well over the last few months, and it is not difficult for us to see why.

The gorgeous natural crystal encrusted edges of these stones are truly stunning. 

This piece of Rainbow Fluorite also displayed a sharp pointed tip, making it useful for directing energy during energy healing

Luckily, we are expecting a fresh batch of Rainbow Fluorite Waves in our next shipment, which should be arriving in the next few weeks, as well as new cut Rainbow Fluorite points and freeform shapes. 

Buy Rainbow Fluorite online now at Madagascan Direct. 

9) Ametrine Double Terminated Point


Ametrine is one of our most popular crystals. Looking at its gorgeous mix of purple Amethyst and golden-yellow Citrine, it is no wonder why everyone seems to want to own a piece of this beautiful crystal. 

This double-terminated point will hopefully exude a sense of peace and calm in its new home, as is characteristic of this crystal's metaphysical properties

We have a new batch of Ametrine arriving soon, so stay tuned to snap up the latest Ametrine shapes to drop on our website!

Buy Ametrine online now at Madagascan Direct. 

10) Lepidolite Sphere

Lepidolite Sphere

This Lepidolite sphere displayed a lovely violet purple colour and was very sizeable at a diameter of 8.3cm. 

As Lepidolite is said to exude a soothing, calming energy, we hope that it is helping its new owner get through these stressful times with some peace of mind. 

We still have some Lepidolite sourced from Madagascar available in pebbles, spheres, and freeform shapes, and we are excited to announce that we will be receiving a new batch of high grade Lepidolite palm stones from India in our next shipment!

Buy Lepidolite online now at Madagascan Direct. 

Although we are sad to see these lovely crystals go, we hope that their new owners love them as much as we did. 

We are extremely excited to get our hands on new stones in our next shipment, and hopefully soon we will be able to share with you the newest fruits from the treasure chest we have arriving!

Please feel free to peruse our extensive catalogue of high quality fossils and crystals for sale at Madagascan Direct.

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