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Rainbow crystals information. Learn all about rainbow crystals and fossils, including Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Pyrite, Labradorite, and Iridescent Ammonites. …
It is natural for a gemstone to occur deep underneath the earth. The brilliant shimmering stones have to be mined and then cut to enhance its clarity and colour. Ammonites are far removed from this notion though and you are likely to be astounded by the thin shell sporting an astonishing array of brilliance thanks to the iridescence property it displays. The aragonite shell material sourced from the fossilised remains of ammonite has amazed gemstone collectors and pleased individuals…
Iridescent ammonites are reputed worldwide for their beautiful rainbow-like glow. A special gemstone, ammolite, is formed from fossilised ammonite shells, and also displays this terrific iridescent effect. When the ammonite was alive, nacre was the main component of the shell: after the organism’s death, the shell fossilised over time to form aragonite. The ammolite can also contain many other minerals such as calcite and pyrite. …
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