Rainbow Crystals And Fossils


Rainbow Crystals And Fossils

Rainbow crystals and rainbow fossils are incredibly special: not only are they aesthetically beautiful, they also are important spiritually. 

Representing joy, fun, and happiness, a rainbow crystal or fossil makes a perfect addition to any mineral collection

Let's go on a journey through some of our favourite rainbow crystals and fossils

Rainbow Pyrite Crystals

Rainbow Pyrite


Rainbow Pyrite Crystals

Pyrite is an iron sulphide mineral composed of iron and sulphur.

Pyrite is often mistaken for gold due to its golden colouring and tendency to be found in the same rocks as gold: Fool's Gold is thus a term that has been given to Pyrite. 

Rainbow Pyrite Crystals 

Oxidised Pyrite exudes shimmering rainbows alongside shimmering metallic hues, hence its name of Rainbow Pyrite

Rainbow Pyrite displays a coating of iridescent, shimmering rainbow colours in blues, pinks, and purples. 

Rainbow Pyrite Crystals

This rare Rainbow Pyrite is even more unique given its striking black-gold colour contrast. 

Containing Pyrite and Magnetite, this rare form of Pyrite is very similar in composition and appearance to the revered Healer's Gold, which is otherwise known as Apache Gold


Labradorite Palm Stone

Labradorite is a mineral of the plagioclase feldspar group, and this beautiful crystal consists of both albite and anorthite.

Similar feldspars include Sunstone, Moonstone (including Rainbow Moonstone, Black Moonstone, and Peach Moonstone), and Amazonite

Labradorite Freeforms


Labradoresence, otherwise known as the Schiller effect, is Labradorite’s famous property. When exposed to light, the gem becomes a shimmering tapestry of colour.

Luminous blues, purples and greens sparkle and dance due to the refraction of light between the crystal’s many layers.

Labradorite Palm Stones

Golden hues, among other shades from the whole spectrum of colour, combine to create a glistening wonder unparalleled by any other crystal.

This iridescence is truly a marvel to behold.

Labradorite Crystals

Spectrolite is a name given to Labradorite specimens which display a broader spectrum of rich, intense colours. It was originally mined in Finland. 

Spectrolite Crystals

Purple Labradorite is a lovely variety of Labradorite which is prized for its pure, vibrant, purple flash. 

Rainbow Moonstone, otherwise referred to as White Labradorite, demonstrates a gorgeous silky-white background with flashes of blue iridescence. 

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stone

Rainbow Moonstone is an incredibly beautiful rainbow crystal, which displays flashes of iridescent colour.

The inner glow characteristic of Moonstone is called adularescence

Rainbow Moonstone Spheres

Rainbow Moonstone displays a striking rainbow shimmer due to its feldspar composition.

The inner glow of Rainbow Moonstone is caused by the refraction of light between layered minerals: this is the same mechanism that leads to the iridescent Schiller Effect in Labradorite. 

Rainbow Moonstone is technically a form of Labradorite, and is thus sometimes called White Labradorite: it displays a striking iridescent colour shift (labradorescence). 

Iridescent Ammonites

Red Iridescent Ammonites

Iridescent ammonites are the perfect example of a rainbow fossil.

These rainbow ammonites display a natural iridescent shell, also called a nacreous shell because of its nacre content. 

The iridescent shell of an ammonite is formed from the mineral Aragonite, a component of Nacre (also known as Mother of Pearl). 

Iridescent Ammonites

This nacreous shell, with its rainbow colours, is what is turned into gemstones such as Ammolite (which is sourced from red iridescent ammonites/ fire ammonites). 

Inside the shell, there are many stacked layers of Aragonite which light must travel through when it is shone on the shell.

As light bounces back through the layers of Aragonite, a rainbow spectrum of colour can be observed due to the interplay of light travelling through the layers. 

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Thick layers of Aragonite typically leads to shades of red being observed, whilst thinner layers lead to shimmering greens. 

The thinnest layers of Aragonite lead to rare blue and violet hues being observed. 

As you move an iridescent ammonite in the presence of light, one can observe the colours moving, changing, and flashing in what is known as chromatic shift

Red Iridescent Ammonites

Rainbow Crystals And Fossils Collections

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