Red Iridescent Ammonites


Red Iridescent Ammonites, Learn More About these Ravishing Gemstones.

It is natural for a gemstone to occur deep underneath the earth. The brilliant shimmering stones have to be minedRed Iridescent Ammonite and then cut to enhance its clarity and colour. Iridescent Ammonites are far removed from this notion though and you are likely to be astounded by the thin shell sporting an astonishing array of brilliance thanks to the iridescence property it displays.

The aragonite shell material sourced from the fossilised remains of ammonites has amazed gemstone collectors and pleased individuals looking for unique jewellery and decorative items. However, you would find it difficult to buy this beautiful shell remains from creatures now extinct. Walk into an exotic jewellery shop or search online and Red Iridescent Ammoniteyou may find no positive results. This isn’t just because the material is in short supply though, but because It is usually recognised by its Canadian trade name i.e. Ammolite. It also goes by two other trade names such as Calcenite & Korite although the terms are rarely used.

Do not hesitate to pick up a specimen if you are interested in marine fossils though. It is indeed a rare gemstone that has been found in Alberta, Canada as well as the African island of Madagascar.

It is sure to be love at first sight for you as you behold a magnificent Red Iridescent Ammonitespecimen of red iridescent ammonite. The play of colours is definitely mind boggling with an entire range of spectrum being present in the calcified and fossilised shell.

Geologically speaking it is a carbonate characterised by iridescent colours that sparkle mystically. While you can find it in a number of colours, red and green are easier to find. Although the iridescence blinds one to the actual shade underneath, the layer of the shell happens to be transparent to translucent. It is of a vitreous lustre with a brittle cleavage.

Red Iridescent AmmoniteDo not be taken aback on learning that the best red iridescent ammonites are not measured in carats. This is because of multiple layers in its matrix that makes it impossible to weigh the delicate fossilised shell. There is a kind of grading given to different kinds of iridescent ammonites, however. You will thus find a clear ammonite that displays astonishingly bright colours in 360 degrees to be of AA quality. The thicker layers of aragonite represent a vivid red hue while the thinner specimens are found in lighter colours namely rose, purple and blue.

It may be possible to locate a 120 million years old flashing red iridescent ammonites if you are determined to buy this unique gemstone quite unlike any other.  You do not have to break the bank to afford it either. Check out the beautiful gemstones by visiting our Madagascan Direct Iridescent Ammonites page.Remember you can buy a beautiful red iridescent ammonite for just £18. We sell small red iridescent ammonites and large red iridescent ammonites. Choose with care and enjoy owning the stunning gemstone.

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