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Lapis Lazuli is commonly referred to as 'Lapis' which is the Latin name for stone. This beautiful blue stone generally comprises of the mineral Lazurite. Lapis is known all over the world and has been used and cut by the ancient Egyptians who first used it to create wonderful and striking blue cosmetics which gave them their unique regal looks. Lots of ancient civilisations have used lapis in jewellery and carvings including; the Greeks, Romans and Persians.…
At Madagascan Direct, you can find a vast array of crystals with wonderful healing properties. Whether you’re after a stone to help you fall (and stay) asleep, or a stone to improve your psychic powers, there are plenty of options available. Firstly, agate is a stone of stability and balance. Although it is less powerful than other crystals, it has the ability to balance all types of health: from outward physical health (including treating disorders of the skin…
42 articles 
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