Top 10 Crystals Of The Week #2


Top 10 Crystals Of The Week #2

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As fossil and crystal collectors here at Madagascan Direct, it is often difficult to let go of the many beautiful crystals we house in our little crystal emporium. 

We would love to keep all of the wonderful specimens we find, but we are equally happy to be able to to share the joy of stones and crystals with all of our loyal customers around the world.  

So that we can remember some of the gorgeous crystals we have had the pleasure of working with, we've decided to share with you all the Top 10 Crystals we've loved and lost this week. 

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Without further adieu, let's take a look at some of our favourite crystals that have gone to new homes!

1) Rhodonite Egg

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This gorgeous Rhodonite egg is a stunning example of a highly intriguing stone.

Rhodonite is a relatively uncommon mineral which is famed for its striking deep pink hues and sharp black lines and veins. 

We love Rhodonite because of its unique colours and patterns, and equally crystal healers value this semi precious stone for its purported healing properties.

Many crystal healers believe that Rhodonite is a stone of love and confidence, and can be very helpful to anyone struggling with low self-esteem. 

Luckily, we have some more Rhodonite specimens arriving soon in our next shipment, so be sure to keep an eye out on our website for the latest products to drop. 

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2) Mounted Celestite Geode

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Celestite was one of the first stones we worked with in Madagascar, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

With its mesmerising icy blue druzy crystals, Celestite, or Celestine, is absolutely gorgeous. 

We have been unable to source high quality natural Celestite for some years now, so our stores are very depleted.

Act now to secure a piece of Celestine for your crystal collection.  

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3) Labradorite Ammonite Carving

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Labradorite is another stone which we have been sourcing from Madagascar from many years, and continue to do so. 

This iridescent stone is famed for its stunning Schiller Effect: when moved around and exposed to light, gorgeous colourful flashes of gold and blue shimmer from within the stone. 

We love these Labradorite carvings, which have been crafted into unique ammonite shapes. 

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4) Ruby In Kyanite Pebble

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Ruby in Kyanite (or Ruby and Kyanite, as it is sometimes referred to), is a relatively new stone to our stores: we received our first batch of this interesting stone only months ago. 

The appearance of this semi precious stone is truly unique: swirls and streaks of blue Kyanite contrast wonderfully against clouds of deep red Ruby inclusions, creating a stone that we think looks like a galaxy of stars. 

We are not expecting new Ruby in Kyanite anytime soon, and our existing stock is running very low, so please act now if you wish to secure some Ruby and Kyanite for your crystal collection

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5) Chrysocolla Egg

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Chrysocolla is one of our favourite stones, and we're happy that another lovely Chrysocolla egg has found a new home. 

Diverse in colour and appearance, this stunning Peruvian stone comes in two varieties: Green Chrysocolla and Blue Chrysocolla.

We don't have any new Chrysocolla on the way, so please act now if you would like to add a piece of Chrysocolla to your collection, whether it be an egg, sphere, pebble, or heart. 

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6) Blue Apatite Egg

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Egg shapes continue to be a staple crystal shape at Madagascan Direct, and this Blue Apatite egg was a prime example of how aesthetically pleasing the egg shape is. 

This piece was unique in that it demonstrated lighter powder blue colours than the usual deep, dark colours of Blue Apatite.

Thankfully, we are expecting more of this stone in our next shipment, so keep your eyes peeled for the newest high quality Blue Apatite pieces to drop on our website. 

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7) Rainbow Moonstone Egg

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Rainbow Moonstone has been very popular this week, and we have sold a few high-quality Rainbow Moonstone eggs

This semi precious stone is very special, for it is not truly a moonstone: it is actually a form of Labradorite (hence why it is sometimes called White Labradorite). 

Displaying a gorgeous white translucent base, Rainbow Moonstone seems to glow from within with flashes of bright blue. 

It is very lucky that we are receiving lots more Rainbow Moonstone in our next shipment in a range of shapes including spheres, eggs, hearts, and pebbles. 

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8) Blue Calcite Egg

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Although new sky-blue Caribbean Calcite has arrived in our stores, Blue Calcite remains ever popular. 

It is no wonder why Blue Calcite is so beloved: with its ethereal, dreamy blue colouring, it makes a perfect companion to other blue stones such as Chrysocolla and Blue Apatite

Please act now to secure a Blue Calcite specimen for your collection: unfortunately we are running very low on stock, and we are not receiving any more of this stone in our next shipment. 

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9) Clear Quartz Point

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High-quality Clear Quartz is valued for its sheer transparency, and this Clear Quartz Point was a fine example of how gorgeous an extremely clear, transparent specimen of Rock Crystal can be. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most enduringly popular, and famous, crystals of all time. Crystal healers adore it for its cleansing aura and ability to amplify the energy of other crystals. 

Fortunately, if you would like to acquire a Clear Quartz piece of your own, we are expecting some more Clear Quartz soon in our next shipment, and we even hope to craft some crystal wands from the stone in our workshop.  

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10) King Cobra Jasper Egg

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Our range of unique King Cobra Jasper continues to be a big seller at Madagascan Direct. 

This King Cobra Jasper egg displayed gorgeous volcanic, fiery coloured orbs, making it a perfect statement piece for the Autumn season. 

If you're looking for other crystals that are perfect for the Autumn season, we have a blog post about Autumn Crystals that may help you with some ideas. 

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Although we are sad to see these lovely crystals go, we hope that their new owners love them as much as we did. 

We are extremely excited to get our hands on new stones in our next shipment, and hopefully soon we will be able to share with you the newest fruits from the treasure chest we have arriving!

Please feel free to peruse our extensive catalogue of high quality fossils and crystals for sale at Madagascan Direct.

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