Autumn Crystals


Crystals To Celebrate Autumn

Autumn is a magical time of year. Nature is vibrant with the warm colours of falling leaves, and people all over the world are celebrating spiritual events such as the spectacular Samhain.

This season is a perfect time to refresh your home with new crystals, stones, and fossils befitting the gorgeous colours of Fall, and to acquire new stones with potent spiritual energies.

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Here at Madagascan Direct, we are excited to share with you the stories of some of our favourite stones we use and display in Autumn.

Read on to learn more about our favourite Autumn crystals

Red And Orange Crystals

Red and orange are perhaps the most popular autumnal hues we have available in our vast crystal collection. Let's learn more about these lovely red and orange gems

Carnelian Gemstones

Carnelian certainly fits this description of red gemstones, or orange semi precious stones. With its fierce, fiery colours, this reddish orange form of Chalcedony is a perfect stone for Autumn.

Our Carnelian pebbles, eggs, and spheres showcase an array of hues ranging from volcanic reds and browns, to burnt oranges contrasted with creamy whites. Atop this base of vibrant colour, the stone also displays some interesting curved marks and patterns.

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The Ancient Egyptians referred to this orange gem as the "Setting Sun", both due to its intense flame-like colouring and the belief that Carnelian could energise the spirit.

Furthermore, Carnelian is often used with the Sacral Chakra, which is the centre for pleasure and creativity in the body: consequently, it would be wise to keep a Carnelian piece on your body during Autumn to help you fully enjoy the season. 

At Madagascan Direct, we also have Carnelian available in other shapes such as heartsflame shapes, and freeforms.

These larger pieces are fantastic for display, and it would be very useful to display such a piece of Carnelian in your home or workplace to keep your passion for work alive as the long nights draw in. 

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Jasper Gemstones

Jasper is a versatile stone which comes in many shades, including fabulous shades of red and orange.

Although Jasper normally presents with a multitude of colours, we do have some Red Jasper available which is predominantly maroon or bright red in hue.

As this coloured Jasper is highly symbolic of love and passion, a luminous Red Jasper Heart would make a perfect gift for a loved one, especially if they have a birthday during the Autumn season. 

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King Cobra Jasper is another exciting form of Jasper which comes in a variety of shades, and we have many pieces available with striking red and orange orbs in a range of shapes including pebbles, pyramids, and eggs.

Known as a Counsellor's Stone, this type of Jasper is used by crystal healers to tame anger and primal energy, gifting a sense of calm and balance to the user.

If you are finding yourself struggling with your emotions during this season of change, then holding a piece of Cobra Jasper may be of benefit to you. 

This colourful gem is also believed to sharpen the senses and heal a number of ailments by banishing negativity completely from the body.

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If you are finding concentrating at work difficult, or feeling particularly sluggish due to the change of seasons, then try displaying a piece of this colourful stone in your workplace to improve your focus. 

The individuality of each King Cobra Jasper piece means this stone is perfect for display in the home in a large piece such as a freeform shape, sphere, or bowl

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Fire Quartz Gemstones

Quartz occurs in a range of colours, but can sometimes occur in delightful reddish shades too.

Hematoid Quartz has a reddish tint owing to its hematite inclusions. Its fiery red colours have led to this type of Quartz being called Fire Quartz.

Crystal healers believe that Hematoid Quartz exudes a grounding energy that helps give the user a sense of balance, quiet, and calm.

This enables users to have clarity of mind, and therefore encourages them to act upon and achieve their goals.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of the season, including the hectic run up to Christmas, then a piece of Hematoid Quartz may be perfect for you to own. 

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This gorgeous red Quartz stone is heavily associated with the Heart Chakra in crystal healing and crystal spirituality.

The loving, calming energy exuded by this crystal is perfect for the Autumn season, when you want to feel cosy and safe in your home as the weather worsens and a cold chill hits the air. 

When a crystal is cut into a heart shape, the symbolism of the stone is heightened. We only have a small amount of Hematoid Quartz heart shapes left, but fortunately we still have a large range of other heart-shaped stones available.

In particular, the loving energy exuded by King Cobra Jasper works very well when cut into a heart shaped gem

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Colourful Crystals And Fossils For Autumn

Is there anything more connected to the spirit of the Earth than a tree, especially an ancient one? 

We believe that a sample of fossilised wood, which has the unique honour of being both a crystal and a fossil, is another crucial stone to own and display during the Fall season. 

Fossilised wood is exactly what its name implies: wood from trees that grew millions of years ago that has been slowly fossilised and preserved. 

Each Fossil Wood piece displays a stunning mixture of subtle autumnal tones, including vibrant shades of brown, red, and burnt orange: these vivid colours have been caused by Jasper replacements in the wood over millions of years in the process of silification.

Fossil Wood truly epitomises the spirit of Autumn, with its deep connection to nature and earthy appearance.

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Madagascan Direct have an extensive range of Fossilised Wood (otherwise known as Petrified Wood) available for purchase in a variety of forms, from striking fossilised wood branch ends which display a beautiful contrast between natural wood and polished stone, to highly polished petrified wood pebbles which are wonderfully tactile to hold in the hand. 

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Autumn is the season for grounding and quiet, as we prepare for colder weather and nestle in with our families on cold, dark nights. 

As Petrified Wood is heavily associated with the Root Chakra, it would be a wise idea to display or hold a piece of this unique fossil to settle and ground yourself during this season of slowing down. 

Here are some of the ways we recommend displaying Fossilised Wood:

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Yellow Crystals For A Pocket Of Sunshine

As the days get darker and the nights longer, you may find yourself wanting a little pocket of sunshine to keep you cheery. Why not try keeping a stunning piece of Yellow Quartz or Yellow Fluorite in your home or on your person to keep you thinking of sunnier days. 

Yellow stones are typically associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the centre of the body for self-esteem and confidence: therefore a yellow crystal would be perfect to get you through the dark months when you may find yourself at a lower ebb emotionally. 

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Crystal Gifts Ideas For Autumn

If looking for ideas for crystal gifts during the Autumn season, then any of the stones mentioned above would make a fantastic present. 

More specifically, a piece of Black Tourmaline would make a fantastic gift, as Tourmaline is the designated October Birthstone

Perhaps combine a piece of Black Tourmaline with some Fossil Wood, for both stones vibrate strongly with the Root Chakra and offer a sense of grounding and calm during this season of cosiness and snuggling up. 

We hope that you find the perfect crystal gift for a loved one during this season, or perhaps a gemstone to enjoy for yourself!

From all of us here at Madagascan Direct, we wish you a very happy Autumn season!

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