Crystals For Valentine's Day


Crystals For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and with it, partners everywhere are preparing to send gifts to their loved ones, and to confess their feelings to those unaware of their affection. 

You may be wondering what type of crystal would be the best to meditate with during this season of love: or what the best crystals are to use to enhance the forces of love, romance, and compassion in your life. 

Or, you may be questioning what would make a good crystal gift for a loved one on Valentine's Day. 

In this post, we will take you on a journey through our favourite crystals for Valentine's Day, including the best Heart Chakra crystals, crystal gift ideas, and crystal hearts

1) Rose Quartz and Rhodonite: Stones of Romance

Rose Quartz Hearts For Sale

What list of love stones would be complete without Rose Quartz?

This renowned pink crystal is famously symbolic of love, compassion, and romance, making it a perfect crystal gift for a loved one on Valentine's Day. 

Place a Rose Quartz Heart on your Heart Chakra as part of your meditation practice to help you to attract love, as well as to nurture your sense of self-compassion. 

If you are looking for an even gentler, nurturing energy, we would recommend trying a Mangano Calcite Heart: however, we are low in stock of this beautiful baby pink stone, so we hope that if you are interested you can snap one up quickly!

Rhodonite Hearts For Sale

If you're looking for a stone exuding a more intense romantic energy, then Rhodonite is the stone for you.

Displaying stunning shades of deep pink alongside mesmerising veins of black, Rhodonite is highly aesthetically pleasing. 

2) Ruby: Stone of Love

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A Ruby is the ultimate token of love in the crystal world. 

This famous love stone is most commonly seen cut and polished into a precious gemstone, however we feel that a natural ruby crystal harnesses the raw power of love and passion with much greater intensity. 

Gift your Valentine with a Ruby Record Keeper crystal, a symbol of ancient knowledge and wisdom, to demonstrate your deep, timeless love for them. 

3) Carnelian and Red Jasper: Stones of Passion

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Red crystals such as Carnelian and Red Jasper lean towards the more passionate end of the love energy spectrum.

Carnelian resonates strongly with the Sacral Chakra, meaning that it enhances joy, pleasure, and excitement in its user's life. 

If your relationships are beginning to feel stagnant and are perhaps in need of rejuvenation, then Carnelian is thus a great stone to meditate with. 

This stone for warriors is also widely believed to lend courage to its user: if you are planning to confess your affections for another on Valentine's Day, then this stone can gift you with the bravery you need for this task.

Try pairing Carnelian with a blue stone like Lapis Lazuli or Blue Apatite (enhancers of communication and speech) to help you speak to your loved ones effectively and with courage. 

Red Jasper Hearts For Sale

What could be more romantic than a red heart?

A Red Jasper Heart makes a wonderful gift for a special person in your life on Valentine's Day. 

Red Jasper is believed to give its user a powerful infusion of energy, for it is associated with the Root Chakra and signifies life and vitality

Consequently, a Red Jasper Heart is a wonderful symbol of the intensity of your love for another. 

4) Moss Agate: Stone of Growth

Moss Agate Hearts For Sale

The Heart Chakra is the basis of all loving energy, and stones that resonate with this chakra make great gifts for Valentine's Day.

Green stones, alongside pink stones, are highly attuned to the Heart Chakra: consequently, Moss Agate is an excellent Heart Chakra stone

Use Moss Agate to help your relationships grow, prosper, and flourish during this season of love. 

5) Lepidolite: Stone of Calm

Lepidolite Hearts For Sale

Lepidolite is widely believed by crystal healers to have intense mood stabilising properties, owing to its Lithium traces.

Therefore this gorgeous stone can be brilliant to meditate with during the Valentine's period, to reduce conflicts and heated arguments with your loved ones. 

If you are currently experiencing a rocky relationship, romantic or otherwise, then a Lepidolite Heart may be very useful in helping you to heal any rifts within it. 

6) Blue Apatite and Lapis Lazuli: Stones of Communication

Blue Apatite Hearts For Sale

If you struggle to communicate effectively with your loved ones, or are trying to find the courage to reach out to someone important on Valentine's Day, then a blue stone may be very beneficial for you to use. 

Blue stones such as Blue Apatite work best when used with the Throat Chakra, the centre of communication in the body. 

When stimulated by a blue stone, this chakra can help you to express your needs and desires to your loved ones calmly and effectively, helping you to build stronger relationships. 

Lapis Lazuli Hearts For Sale

Lapis Lazuli is another wonderful blue stone, and makes a brilliant Valentine's gift. 

Who could resist the gorgeous royal blue and gold flakes of a Lapis stone? 

As one of the oldest semi-precious stones in the world to be used in jewellery, this blue crystal is a symbol of timeless love, just like the Ruby.

7) Rainbow Moonstone

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Moonstones have long been associated with divine feminine energy, having been the stones representing lunar goddesses in both Ancient Greek and Roman mythology. 

A stunning Rainbow Moonstone piece would therefore make a great gift for a special woman in your life on Valentine's Day, whether that be a mother, a daughter, or a romantic partner.

Furthermore, Rainbow Moonstone is considered by many crystal healers to be a potent crystal healing stone, for it is heavily associated with fertility, nourishment, and love, making it a great crystal to use during meditation to attract these qualities. 

Even if crystal spirituality and crystal meaning isn't your thing, who could deny the utter beauty of Rainbow Moonstone, with its radiant inner glow and mesmerising flashes of colour? 

8) Rainbow Fluorite: Stone of Intuition

Rainbow Fluorite Hearts For Sale

If you find it difficult to have the confidence and intuition to make decisions in your relationships, Rainbow Fluorite is the perfect stone for you.

Rainbow Fluorite is particularly powerful if you meditate with it on the Third Eye Chakra for this purpose. 

It can be helpful to use this rainbow crystal on Valentine's Day to help you to decide how you want to express your affection for your loved ones, and to get in touch with your feelings. 

Furthermore, Rainbow Fluorite is such a beautiful stone with its glorious spectrum of colour that it could woo anyone as a Valentine's gift!

9) Cherry Blossom Agate: Stone of Beauty

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Much like Moss Agate, this gorgeous Heart Chakra Stone is both symbolic of love and growth.

Cherry Blossom Agate has a strong nurturing energy, meaning that this stone is a perfect way of showing your love and compassion for someone special. 

Also known as Flower Agate, the surface of this stunning stone is adorned by patterns resembling the flowers of the Cherry Blossom tree, making it an object of true beauty.

10) Amethyst: Stone of Dreams

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Amethyst is one of the most famous symbols of Valentine's Day; in fact, legend says that an Amethyst stone was worn on a ring by St Valentine himself.

We would recommend acquiring a piece of Smoky Amethyst for Valentine's Day, either for yourself, or as a gift. 

This rare combination of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst combines the power of dreams with the power of stability and grounding. 

Amethyst enhances one's creativity, intuition, and ability to dream big, whilst Smoky Quartz offers a sense of grounding and stability. 

Therefore, Smoky Amethyst is a perfect emblem of a strong relationship: it demonstrates to your partner that you not only believe in their goals and dreams, but that you also will always be there for support whilst they work towards them. 

11) Fossil Wood: Stone of Eternity

Buy Fossil Wood Hearts Online

Fossil Wood is a very special stone, for it is both a crystal and a fossil, ranging in age from 40 million years old to 248 million years old!

Gift a Fossil Wood Heart to a loved one to signify your unending, timeless love for them, as eternal as the age of the fossil itself. 

Furthermore, this stone (which is also known as Fossilised Wood or Petrified Wood) is believed to have many crystal healing properties which can be very useful to access during the run-up to Valentine's Day.

Due to its connection to the Earth, Fossilised Wood has a grounding aura and can increase feelings of security and calm in its user (very helpful if you are feeling particularly anxious about Valentine's Day!). 

A Stone of Transformation, Fossilised Wood is thought to help you to grow and develop into your ideal self, much like Moss Agate and Cherry Blossom Agate: this is very useful, as after all, self-love and self-growth are just as important as your relationships with others (perhaps even more important).  

12) Indigo Gabbro: Stone of Wisdom

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Lovingly known in the crystal world as 'The Wise Soul', Indigo Gabbro can offer you a sense of wisdom and insight which will help you to better navigate your relationships (which is something we all need the power to do on Valentine's Day!).

Meditate with an Indigo Gabbro Heart (you may also hear this stone called Mystic Merlinite) on the Third Eye Chakra to help you access inner guidance and wisdom with regards to your relationships: discover what the right thing to do is to maintain them effectively.

13) King Cobra Jasper: Stone of Advice

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Although Indigo Gabbro is oft cited as the best stone to use to access your inner wisdom, we feel that King Cobra Jasper has an important role to play in ensuring that you feel comfortable with what your insight is advising you to do.

Referred to by some crystal healers as the Counsellor's Stone, King Cobra Jasper can be used as a source of advice, comfort, and support when relationship troubles rear their head, and difficult decisions need to be made.

If you are finding it particularly hard to make important decisions about your relationships this Valentine's Day, then King Cobra Jasper may be of great use to you. 

14) Fancy Jasper: Stone of Unity

Fancy Jasper Hearts For Sale

Fancy Jasper, also known as Multicoloured Jasper or Rainbow Jasper, displays a gorgeous fusion of colour which is deeply symbolic of unity in partnerships and other relationships. 

The vibrancy of colour within Fancy Jasper symbolises a deep, passionate love held for another. 

A colourful Fancy Jasper Heart would make a lovely gift for someone you care about this Valentine's Day. 

We hope that we have provided some useful crystal information for you, whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one on Valentine's Day (perhaps a crystal heart?), something to treat yourself with, or something to meditate with to enhance the powers of love and attraction. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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