Caribbean Calcite Heart Large 8.5cm

Caribbean Calcite Heart Large 8.5cm | Image 1
Caribbean Calcite Heart Large 8.5cm | Image 2
Caribbean Calcite Heart Large 8.5cm | Image 3
Caribbean Calcite Heart Large 8.5cm | Image 4
Caribbean Calcite Heart Large 8.5cm | Image 5
Dimensions: 8.5cm wide, 8.2cm long, 3.3cm deep
Ref: 12331
Price: £54.00

Caribbean Calcite crystal for sale from Pakistan. 

This gorgeous rare stone measuring 8.5cm wide displays a stunning sky blue base adorned with mesmerising swirls and bands of white and caramel-brown. 

Recently discovered in Pakistan, this unique stone is highly coveted for its rarity and gorgeous aesthetic value. 

This particular piece has been cut into a sleek heart shape.

What Is Caribbean Calcite Made Of?

Caribbean Calcite is a rare combination of minerals, including sky blue Calcite and elements of brown and white Aragonite

Other Types Of Calcite

Calcite is a very diverse mineral that comes in many forms and colours.

  • Blue Calcite makes a great companion stone to Caribbean Calcite, with its baby blue hues contrasting nicely against the aqua tones of Caribbean Calcite. 
  • Optical Calcite, otherwise known as Iceland Spar, is a clear transparent gem which displays magnificent rainbows when exposed to light, much like Clear Quartz. 
  • Mangano Calcite, otherwise known as Pink Calcite, is distinguished from other forms of this mineral by its baby pink colouring and white banded patterns.
  • Honey Calcite, also known as Golden Calcite, showcases a rich golden honey hue with brilliant transparency.
  • Orange Calcite displays a marvellous mix of light orange tones and speckles of white.

What Does Caribbean Calcite Look Like? 

Each piece of Caribbean Calcite is truly unique.

Caribbean Calcite Colours

Colouring can range from subtle shades of sky blue to bright, vibrant aqua hues.

Hints of mint green can be present, and the inclusions of white and brown Aragonite can occur in varied patterns of swirls, stripes, and bands.

Caribbean Calcite has a very tropical feel to it, with the blue elements looking similar to the sea, and the white and brown inclusions conjuring images of sand on the beach. 

Many high grade Caribbean Calcite pieces have a similar colour to Larimar

Natural Caribbean Calcite

Although this piece has been carefully hand polished, most Caribbean Calcite specimens display rough natural elements such as tiny crevices and holes, which sometimes have a druzy lining.

Each nodule and crack lends further individuality to a sample of this unique stone. 

Where Does Caribbean Calcite Come From?

Pakistan is the only place in the world where Caribbean Calcite is mined.

This new stone was only discovered in the last few years, and took the crystal world by storm in 2019. 

Although named after the Caribbean, this type of Calcite is not sourced from this region of the world: instead, the name refers to the stone's similar appearance to the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean sea. 

Caribbean Calcite Crystal Healing Powers

As this stone is very new to the crystal world, little is definitively known about its crystal healing powers, however some powerful metaphysical properties have been reported.

The stone is said to have a deeply soothing, calming energy which gifts peace to its user.

For this reason, Caribbean Calcite may be able to help with sleep disturbances and nightmares. 

All Calcites are said to amplify and cleanse energies, while Brown Aragonite (which is included in Caribbean Calcite) is great for grounding and stress relief. 

Caribbean Calcite Chakras

This blue stone is most associated with the Third eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra

With regards to spirituality, it is said to enhance one's psychic abilities and enable lucid dreaming and astral travel.

How Hard Is Caribbean Calcite? 

Measuring 3 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is very soft and fragile.

Great care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface by handling the stone gently and keeping it away from other stones. 

To clean the delicate crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Caribbean Calcite Collections

It would be wise to snap up a piece of Caribbean Calcite now, given its rarity.

As the stone is so popular, there is concern that it will be completely mined out soon: please act quickly to secure a stunning piece of Caribbean Calcite for your collection. 

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