Quartz Point with Tourmaline 4.3cm

Quartz Point with Tourmaline 4.3cm | Image 1
Quartz Point with Tourmaline 4.3cm | Image 2
Quartz Point with Tourmaline 4.3cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 4.3cm tall, 2.3cm wide, 1.4cm deep
Ref: 12256
Price: £12.00

Quartz Point with Tourmaline Crystals, crystal for sale from Brazil. This stunning 4.3cm tall Quartz point with included Tourmaline is bright and vibrant and has been highly polished to reveal its striking inclusion.

When the Quartz crystal was growing, or even before growth, minerals (in this case, Tourmaline) grew to be surrounded by the Quartz. These minerals, which are sometimes too delicate to survive unprotected, were consequently protected by the Quartz. The clarity of the Quartz crystal provides a window through which to view the Tourmaline inclusions that it protects.

Tourmalinated Quartz is a very popular stone and is believed by many crystal healers to help detoxify the body. Tourmaline, otherwise known as Schorl, is said to have a grounding effect which creates a sense of inner peace in the user, complementing the clarity of mind gifted by the Clear Quartz which it lies within. 

This Quartz piece is ideal for a collector or healer, or as a unique gift for a loved one. 

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