Carnelian Egg 5.4cm

Carnelian Egg 5.4cm | Image 1
Carnelian Egg 5.4cm | Image 2
Carnelian Egg 5.4cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 5.4cm tall, 4.4cm wide
Ref: 12123
Price: £17.00

Carnelian Egg, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This Carnelian egg measures 5.4cm tall and is highly polished in order to display its fierce, fiery colours: it showcases an array of hues ranging from volcanic reds and browns, to burnt orange hues contrasted with creamy whites. Atop this base of vibrant colour, the stone also displays some interesting curved marks and patterns.

Carnelian is a form of Chalcedony generally coming in red, orange or amber colours, but it can be banded as well which is then Carnelian Agate. Carnelian has been used throughout the ages and the Romans prized it to make seals and rings. This piece would be ideal for the collector, healer or as a stunning display piece.

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