Labradorite Ammonite Carving 4.4cm

Labradorite Ammonite Carving 4.4cm | Image 1
Labradorite Ammonite Carving 4.4cm | Image 2
Labradorite Ammonite Carving 4.4cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 4.4cm at widest point
Ref: 12070
Price: £11.00

Labradorite Ammonite Carving, crystal for sale from Madagascar. Measuring 4.4cm long, this stunning stone has been carved by artisans into a striking ammonite shape, and displays iridescent gold and blue colours shining from within the stone. Labradorite features a distinctive effect called labradorescence (also known as the Schiller Effect), which is the stone's famous property. When exposed to light, the gem shimmers and shines in a glorious array of colours.

The natives of Paul's Island off the coast of Labrador have recounted a legend surrounding the origin of the labradorescence phenomenon for centuries. They tell the story of a legendary Inuit warrior who discovered that the Aurora Borealis had been stolen from the sky and imprisoned in the Labradorite gem. Legend says that he smashed the stone with his spear, returning the Northern Lights to their home, but some light remained eternally encased in the crystal: this is how the phenomenon of labradoresence came to be.

Carved by artisans in Madagascar, this piece has been carefully hand-polished. A perfect gift for crystal collectors, or for those who love fossils just as much as crystals. 

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