Indigo Gabbro Pyramid 5.2cm

Indigo Gabbro Pyramid 5.2cm | Image 1
Indigo Gabbro Pyramid 5.2cm | Image 2
Indigo Gabbro Pyramid 5.2cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 5.2cm wide square base, 4.7cm tall
Ref: 12051
Price: £18.00

Indigo Gabbro Pyramid, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This lovely piece has a 5.2cm wide square base and has been carefully hand-polished. Indigo Gabbro is a part of the Gabbro family of minerals (sourced from Madagascar) which are forms of dark, grained igneous rock. A large amount of the Earth's oceanic crust consists of Gabbro formed at mid-ocean ridges.

Gabbro has a diverse range of appearances, but Indigo Gabbro from Madagascar is called Mystic Merlinite due to its colour scheme being a magical contrast between dreamy swirls of lilac and black. Indigo Gabbro's unique, colourful pattern and gorgeous purple hues make it a highly aesthetically pleasing object. This crystal is purported to have potent spiritual properties and is said to encourage wisdom and courage in the user. 

This stone has been carefully cut by artisans into a sleek pyramid shape and hand-polished to a very high standard. It would make a striking addition to the collector looking for something new or for the crystal healer looking for a different energy to work with.

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