Cherry Blossom Agate Heart 7.2cm

Cherry Blossom Agate Heart 7.2cm | Image 1
Cherry Blossom Agate Heart 7.2cm | Image 2
Cherry Blossom Agate Heart 7.2cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 7.2cm wide, 6.3cm long, 3.1cm deep
Ref: 11742
Price: £19.00

Cherry Blossom Agate Heart, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This hand polished heart-shaped crystal is sizeable and tactile at 7.2cm wide, and is marked by a distinctive pattern that resembles flowers from the Cherry Blossom tree. This particular piece displays a delightful mix of gorgeous caramel and deep creamy-pink tones, with some lovely hints of brown.

Translucent in some places, the inner workings of the crystal can be observed here, and on some small parts of its surface lies exciting rough sections where the natural crystal is exposed. The rest of the crystal is smooth and sleek to the touch.

This piece of Cherry Blossom Agate has been carefully carved and polished by artisans to create a lustrous finish. Healers believe that Cherry Blossom Agate exudes a calming aura. Made from high grade Agate, this beautiful item is ideal for the collector, healer, or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. 

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