Fruit Jasper Sphere 11.5cm

Dimensions: 11.5cm in diameter
Ref: 11702

Fruit Jasper Sphere, crystal for sale from India. This stunning, large sphere measuring 11.5cm in diameter has been beautifully polished to show off its vast array of colours and patterns that lend individuality to each selected piece.

We are getting these Fruit Jasper pieces sourced by our artist in India, who is choosing and selecting the best rough material which is available on the marketplace and then expertly cutting it into the desired form. These stones are very earthy in their appearance, and display a mixture of mottled yellows, reds, pea-greens, and browns. The speckled pattern of colours upon the Jasper's surface make this crystal highly unique. 

Ideal for the collector or as an impressive piece of decor that would stand out in any home.

Price: £164.90
was £194.00
Fruit Jasper Sphere 11.5cm | Image 1
Fruit Jasper Sphere 11.5cm | Image 2
Fruit Jasper Sphere 11.5cm | Image 3
Fruit Jasper Sphere 11.5cm | Image 4
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