Hematoid Quartz Sphere 7.3cm

Hematoid Quartz Sphere 7.3cm | Image 1
Hematoid Quartz Sphere 7.3cm | Image 2
Hematoid Quartz Sphere 7.3cm | Image 3
Hematoid Quartz Sphere 7.3cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 7.3cm in diameter
Ref: 11676
Price: £73.00

Hematoid Quartz Sphere, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This stunning crystal measuring 7.3cm in diameter was carefully carved by artisans into a sphere shape from high grade Quartz. It displays bright, clear quartz with stunning streaks of red, which are caused by hematite and iron inclusions within the Quartz. For this reason, Hematoid Quartz is sometimes referred to as Fire Quartz, or Specularite Quartz. 

Many crystal healers believe that Hematoid Quartz has powerful healing properties. Metaphysically, it is said to have a grounding energy that helps give the user a sense of balance, quiet, and calm. This enables users to have clarity of mind, and therefore encourages them to act upon and achieve their goals. 

Subtle but striking, this sphere would be ideal for a collector or perfect in any home as a vibrant display piece.

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