Rainbow Fluorite Wave 12cm

Rainbow Fluorite Wave 12cm | Image 1
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 12cm | Image 2
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 12cm | Image 3
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 12cm | Image 4
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 12cm | Image 5
Dimensions: 12cm tall, 8.3cm wide, 2.5cm deep,
Ref: 11016
Price: £55.00

Rainbow Fluorite Wave, crystal for sale from China. This astonishing 12cm tall Rainbow Fluorite Cut Point has natural uncut and unpolished sides which gives the piece a unique, stunning look reminiscent of ocean waves. The crystal-encrusted edges of the smooth, shining polished Fluorite are truly mesmerising. 

The Fluorite is of a very high grade, displaying shimmering bands of vivid purples amidst stripes of striking blues and greens, which complement each-other to create a radiant effect. This spectacular spectrum of colour is the reason why this type of Fluorite is deemed Rainbow Fluorite. 

Fluorite can occur in a crystalline or massive form and it is the mineral form of calcium fluoride; it has a cubic crystal habit. Rainbow Fluorite is believed to have powerful metaphysical and healing properties. This gorgeous crystal is renowned for its ability in the crystal healing world to balance negative energies, and to bring health and vitality to its user. 

This stunning piece is ideal for the healer or collector, or for someone who simply likes aesthetically-pleasing objects.

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