Lapis Lazuli Freeform 9cm

Lapis Lazuli Freeform 9cm | Image 1
Lapis Lazuli Freeform 9cm | Image 2
Lapis Lazuli Freeform 9cm | Image 3
Lapis Lazuli Freeform 9cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 9cm tall, 8.5cm wide, 3.6cm deep.
Ref: 9624
Price: £69.00

Lapis Lazuli Freeform crystal for sale from Afghanistan. This elegant Lapis Lazuli Freeform is 9cm tall and displays beautiful deep colouring. Lapis Lazuli has captured the imagination for centuries and we are now proud to offer this high grade freeform shape for sale. From the mines of Afghanistan it has been fashioned into a high grade object d art. Lapis oozes quality and is equally desirable to the healer or collector alike. Lapis Lazuli is an opaque stone or a healing crystal that has been coveted for ages. Found in multiple shades of blue, the brilliant stone contains a number of minerals that are responsible for a wide variety of hues. The calcite gives it a whitish hue while the pyrite bestows gold flakes on the blue background making it fit for the King. Indeed it had been used by several lines of Royalty and High Priests of ancient Egypt with Michael Angelo favouring the ultramarine dye made out of Lapis. The beautiful stone is in vogue to date and is a collector’s delight as well as an important healing tool. Own a piece of this gorgeous blue stone which the Egyptians treasured so much as well as countless civilisations have down through the centuries.

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