Chevron Amethyst Pebble Large 8.1cm

Chevron Amethyst Pebble Large 8.1cm | Image 1
Chevron Amethyst Pebble Large 8.1cm | Image 2
Chevron Amethyst Pebble Large 8.1cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 8.1cm long, 6.2cm wide, 3.6cm deep.
Ref: 8722
Price: £29.00

Chevron Amethyst Pebble, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This striking 8.1cm long Amethyst Pebble has been hand-polished to enhance its beautiful lavender and violet shades and interesting white-quartz lined patterns, which have resulted in this type of Amethyst being referred to as Chevron Amethyst (otherwise known as Dream Amethyst).

Amethyst is the purple form of Quartz and it can come in many different shades varying from pale lavender to very dark purple, of either the translucent or opaque variety. Amethyst is found in many parts of the world, but Amethyst sourced from Madagascar is regarded to be some of its finest. In Madagascar it is generally found in pegmatites or quartzite veins, and Madagascan Amethyst can occur in some very rare shapes and forms.

The ancient Greeks wore Amethyst as an accessory and also carved drinking goblets from it as they believed it could prevent intoxication. The use of this crystal goes back centuries and the ancient Egyptians were well known for their intaglio carvings. Beads of Amethyst were also found in Anglo Saxon graves in Britain.

Due to its peace-enhancing properties, Chevron Amethyst is popular with crystal healers. A perfect gift for crystal lovers and healers. 

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