Garnet Freeform 12.6cm

Garnet Freeform 12.6cm | Image 1
Garnet Freeform 12.6cm | Image 2
Garnet Freeform 12.6cm | Image 3
Garnet Freeform 12.6cm | Image 4
Garnet Freeform 12.6cm | Image 5
Dimensions: 12.6cm tall, 9.4cm wide, 5.3cm deep,
Ref: 8295
Price: £104.00

Garnet Freeform, Crystal for sale. This incredible 12.6cm tall Almandine Garnet Freeform from Madagascar is stunning and unusual it would make a striking and welcome addition to anyone's collection. Almandine is an iron Alumina Garnet of deep red colour and can sometimes verge towards purple. It is very often found in smaller pieces which are generally used for the manufacture of jewellery and when the crystals are large enough to make spheres and freeform shapes out of it is quite unusual. Grab a unique piece of Madagascar today for healing or your mineral collection now while we still have some.

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