Pyrite Egg Very Large

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Dimensions: 11cm tall,
Ref: 7944
Price: £385.00

Pyrite Egg Very Large, Crystal for sale. This incredible 11cm tall Pyrite Egg from Peru is made from very high grade Pyrite from the Huaron region in Peru it weighs 2.27kg. The Pyrite has been polished to a very high standard and has a mirror like property to it. The exquisite crystals twinkle and glisten making it very tactile and a gorgeous addition to anyone's collection. Peru is an excellent source for Pyrite but the quality and finish can vary and that is why we are pleased to offer for sale this high grade material. Being shaped with the natural cavities that display wonderful tiny sparkling Pyrite crystals shows a lovely contrast. Pyrite was often mistaken by miners many years ago as being gold and that is where it has earned it's nickname of Fools Gold. Enjoy this high quality Pyrite piece in your collection or use it for healing.

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