Chrysocolla Sphere Large 12.5cm

Chrysocolla Sphere Large 12.5cm | Image 1
Chrysocolla Sphere Large 12.5cm | Image 2
Chrysocolla Sphere Large 12.5cm | Image 3
Chrysocolla Sphere Large 12.5cm | Image 4
Chrysocolla Sphere Large 12.5cm | Image 5
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Dimensions: 12.5cm Diameter
Ref: 7545
Price: £795.00

Chrysocolla Sphere Large, crystal for sale. This incredible 12.5cm diameter Chrysocolla Sphere is of very high quality and it comes from a well known mine in Peru. Chrysocolla can be a beautiful blue and also a bluish shade of green. Blue in nature is always visually nice to look at and with the beautiful shades and colours you get with the Chrysocolla itself and the minerals that are associated with it. Peru is an excellent source for Chrysocolla and there is a well known mine called the Lily mine which is about 200 kilometers south of Lima. This mine produced beautiful quality Chrysocolla which is absolutely sky blue and stunning. The chrysocolla we have for sale here is of a very high quality and has a wonderful polish and has not needed to be stabilized at all, It is mixed with some green Malachite and some black and almost metallic Tenorite. The mix of these colours makes for a very pleasing display piece of quality material. Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper and is of the more challenging stones to polish. Invest in a piece of Chrysocolla for your collection or just for it's raw beauty or even for healing.This sphere will come complete with a highly polished stainless steel stand as seen in the video.

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