Smoky Quartz Sphere 3.8cm

Smoky Quartz Sphere 3.8cm | Image 1
Smoky Quartz Sphere 3.8cm | Image 2
Smoky Quartz Sphere 3.8cm | Image 3
Smoky Quartz Sphere 3.8cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 3.8cm in diameter
Ref: 18823
Price: £16.00

Smoky Quartz crystals for sale from Brazil.

This gorgeous Smoky Quartz Sphere displays a bright, clear translucence with lots of shimmering inclusions and measures 3.8cm in diameter, exhibiting very light, subtle smoky tones.

The Quartz is of a very high quality, and displays shimmering Quartz rainbows when twisted and turned in the light. 

What Is Smoky Quartz Made Of?

Quartz is a silica mineral primarily composed of silicon dioxide.

The Quartz family of minerals encompasses a wide range of stones, including sub-sets such as Chalcedony gems like Jasper and Agate

Quartz can occur in many colours, such as purple Amethyst, golden-yellow Citrine, and pink Rose Quartz.

Smoky Quartz is the grey-brown variety of Quartz, and its colour is caused by natural irradiation during its formation. 

Where Does Smoky Quartz Come From?

Smoky Quartz can be found in many locations worldwide including the USA, India, and Africa. 

This particular piece was sourced from Brazil

Smoky Quartz History

Quartz’s name comes from the German language, however, the Ancient Greeks referred to what is now known as Clear Quartz with their word for ‘ice cold’.

Prominent thinkers of the time believed the mineral to have been created from ice due to its clarity and transparency. 

Historically, Smoky Quartz was used to make sunglasses in 12th Century China. For example, judges used lenses made from the crystal in courtrooms to hide the emotions in their eyes in order to appear impartial. 

Smoky Quartz Spiritual Meaning

Renowned for its cleansing properties, crystal healers believe that Smoky Quartz refreshes and detoxes one's energy to release negative emotions.

Smoky Quartz is popular with crystal healers due to its stress-relieving properties and ability to dissolve negative energy and replace it with positive energy.

Like Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz is a stone of protection. 

Smoky Quartz Chakras

Smoky Quartz is heavily associated with the Root Chakra (otherwise known as the Base Chakra). 

When used with this chakra, Smoky Quartz provides a sense of security, safety, and protection. 

Due to its earthy colouring, this stone has a strong connection to the Earth and is believed to have a strong grounding effect.

Smoky Quartz is believed to be one of the most powerful manifestation stones: it is thought to give you the focus and determination to follow and achieve your dreams. 

How Hard Is Smoky Quartz?

Measuring 7 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively hard and durable and resistant to scratching, but care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth.

Smoky Quartz Collections

The size, clarity and quality of this vibrant Smoky Quartz Crystal Ball is stunning, and it would both be ideal for collectors and healers, or make a striking display piece in any home. 

Buy Smoky Quartz online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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