Blue Apatite Point 5cm

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Dimensions: 5cm tall, 2cm wide base
Ref: 18566
Price: £9.00

Blue Apatite crystals for sale from Madagascar.

This stunning, dainty Blue Apatite Point measures 5cm tall and displays a mixture of bright blue tones which shimmer and sparkle. 

The stone has been carefully cut by artisans into a sleek crystal point.

What Is Blue Apatite Made Of?

Blue Apatite is a type of Apatite, which is a phosphate mineral

Interestingly, there is another form of Apatite which is a fundamental material of bones and the enamel in our teeth. 

As a very brittle mineral, you need very good quality rough sources of apatite to be able to shape or work this stone into a high quality product like this piece.

Apatite Colours

Apatite comes in many different colours, but blue is one of the more unusual shades.

At Madagascan Direct, we still have some Green Apatite available for sale. 

Where Do You Find Blue Apatite?

Apatite is found in many regions around the world, including Brazil, India, and Russia.

This particular piece of Apatite was sourced from Madagascar.

Blue Apatite History

The name Apatite comes from a Greek word meaning 'to deceive': Apatite was thus named because this mineral is often mistaken for other minerals.

Blue Apatite Uses 

Apatite is used for various purposes, and is not limited to simply being used as a gemstone.

As Apatite is a phosphate mineral, it is a phosphate rich rock than can be used as source for phosphorus, which makes fertiliser. 

This rock is also sometimes ground to create pigments which can be used in painting. 

Apatite is also a minor ore for certain rare metals and materials.

Blue Apatite Healing Properties

Blue Apatite is considered to be a deeply spiritual stone, and purports to have a calming, cleansing aura.

This blue semi precious stone is thought to be particularly useful in boosting intelligence and personal growth.

Many crystal healers believe that Blue Apatite can be used to help one reach clarity of mind and to be able to solve problems and reach goals. 

Blue Apatite Chakras

This blue stone is heavily associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra

When used with the Third Eye Chakra, it is said to enhance psychic powers and aid lucid dreaming. 

When used with the Throat Chakra, this blue gem is believed to help the user communicate more clearly and feel more confidence when speaking. 

How Hard Is Blue Apatite? 

Measuring 5 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively soft and susceptible to scratching, so care should be taken not to damage the crystal surface.

However, this stone is not particularly fragile when compared to other stones such as Calcites. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Blue Apatite Collectors

As this mineral is difficult to cut into a gem, a high quality piece of Blue Apatite is difficult to acquire. 

Therefore, this stunning Blue Apatite gem is ideal for the collector and healer, and works well as a striking piece of interior decor.

Buy Blue Apatite online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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