Que Sera Stone Heart 5.3cm

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Dimensions: 5.3cm wide, 5cm long, 2cm deep
Ref: 18424
Price: £14.00

Que Sera Stones, crystals for sale from Brazil

This gorgeous Que Sera Heart Crystal measures 5.3cm wide and displays a stunning array of colour, ranging from earthy browns, greys, and blacks to bright glistening, opalescent blue swirls and whirls and clouds of peach-pink. 

What Is Que Sera Stone Made Of? 

Que Sera Stone is a unique, rare form of Rhyolite which is exclusively found in Brazil, and is noted for its similarity to Llanite due to their similar compositions of a dark grey-brown Rhyolite matrix with sometimes opalescent blue Quartz crystals

Rhyolite is a silica-rich volcanic rock which contains high levels of silicate minerals such as Quartz minerals and Feldspar minerals.

Therefore, Que Sera Stone, as a Rhyolite variety, is composed of many different minerals, including; Quartz, Feldspar, Kaolinite, Calcite, Clinozoisite, Leucoxene/ Leucozene, Magnetite, and iron oxides.

Other Rhyolite varieties include Obsidian, which is a Rhyolite Volcanic Glass

Que Sera Stone Colours

Que Sera Stone is prized for its unique colours and patterns, which can include a a range of earthy brown, grey, and black hues contrasted against bright blues and peach-pinks. 

The range in colours is caused by the variety of mineral inclusions within the stone. 

Blue hues in Blue Que Sera Stone are usually the result of Blue Quartz inclusions. The cause of Blue Quartz in Que Sera Stone is still not fully understood, but it is thought that Undulatory Extinction occurred during the metamorphism process of the rock and this facilitated the unique composition and structure of the stone that lends it well to the Rayleigh Scattering effect of light scattering (which is thought to be behind the observable blue colour of the Quartz).

Inclusions of titanium oxides such as Ilmenite and iron oxides may also be involved in creating the Blue Quartz fragments in Que Sera Stone

Blue Quartz Phenocrysts refers to the nature of the Quartz inclusions being larger crystals within the otherwise fine-grained ground mass/ matrix of the Rhyolite rock: these Blue Quartz crystals are sometimes opalescent in appearance. 

Pink hues in Pink Que Sera Stone are usually the result of Feldspar inclusions

Que Sera Stone Names

Que Sera Stone mainly derives its name from the phrase "Que Sera, sera", which means "what will be, will be": this is in reference to the proposed metaphysical properties of the stone, including its accepting and forgiving crystal energy.

Que Sera Stone also derives its name from one of the geological processes that are said to be the origin of the signature Blue Quartz crystals within the stone: "Quartz Undulatory Extinction" (the first letter of each word spelling "Que", the first word of the "Que Sera, sera" phrase). 

Que Sera Stone is often referred to by other names, including Blue Liberite, Galaxy Rhyolite, Blue Opal (owing to the sometimes opalescent Blue Quartz phenocrysts in Que Sera Stone), Blue Opal Llanite, and Llanite (Que Sera Stone is very similar to Llanite, but does not come from Llano County, Texas, and therefore is not true Llanite). 

Que Sera Stone is sometimes confused with Vulcanite

Where Does Que Sera Stone Come From? 

Que Sera Stone is exclusively found in Brazil: the similar stone Llanite is exclusively found in Llano County, Texas.

Que Sera Stone History

Que Sera Stone is a relatively new find in the mineral world, however the rock Rhyolite has a long history, having been officially named in 1860 by Ferdinand von Richthofen using a derivation of the Greek word "Rhyax" which means "Lava stream" (in reference to the nature of Rhyolite as a volcanic rock). 

Que Sera Stone Crystal Healing Properties

Que Sera Stone is believed by crystal healers to be a metaphysically powerful stone due to its ability to harness the energies of many different minerals, considering that it is a combination stone composed of a variety of minerals. 

Que Sera Stone is said to be especially useful for stress and anxiety relief, given its soothing energy and its spiritual associations with acceptance ("what will be will be"), forgiveness, and faith.

The Blue Quartz Crystals in Blue Que Sera Stones exude an aura of calmness and serenity, like water.

Que Sera Stone is said to be a transformation stone, and is thus perfect for anyone looking to understand their destiny and gain clarity about their journey in life, especially during times of change and transformation. 

Que Sera Stone Chakras

Que Sera Stone is a great stone to work with holistically, and can be used to balance and cleanse all chakras.

Que Sera Crystals can be used to stimulate, restore, and rejuvenate all chakras

Que Sera Stones connect strongly to the Root Chakra/ Base Chakra given their earthy black/ grey/ brown Rhyolite matrix, and therefore can be used for grounding, stability, and protection from negative energies. 

A Que Sera Crystal which displays pink colours connects strongly to the Heart Chakra, where it can used to harness powerful energies of love, healing, and forgiveness, facilitating self-growth and growth in relationships.

Que Sera Stones also resonate strongly with the higher chakras (the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra) and when used with these chakras, enhance one's intuition.

Blue Que Sera Stone can also be used with the Throat Chakra to facilitate communication. 

Que Sera Stone Energy

In Feng Shui, Que Sera Stone is mostly associated with Water Energy, although it is also associated with Earth Energy.

How Hard Is Que Sera Stone?

Measuring 7 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively hard and durable and resistant to scratching, but care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth.

Que Sera Stone Collections

This Que Sera Crystal Heart would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection, rock collection, or mineral collection

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