Green Moonstone Pebble 6.1cm

Green Moonstone Pebble 6.1cm | Image 1
Green Moonstone Pebble 6.1cm | Image 2
Dimensions: 6.1cm long, 5.3cm wide, 2.6cm deep
Ref: 16780
Price: £13.00

Green Moonstone crystals for sale from Madagascar.

This lovely Green Moonstone pebble measuring 6.1cm long displays gorgeous mint green hues. 

Please note: this piece displays some small natural pits, and does not display blue flash. 

What Is Green Moonstone Made Of?

Green Moonstone, otherwise known as Garnierite, is a rare silicate mineral which is also an important nickel ore

The composition of this stone can vary widely, and many specimens also contain other minerals such as chlorite and serpentine.

The signature green colour of Garnierite is caused by nickel inclusions in the rock, which is usually a form of Serpentine rock.

Green Moonstones grow as Feldspar minerals like other Moonstones. 

What Does Green Moonstone Look Like? 

The shimmering, silvery Feldspar backdrop of this gorgeous Green Moonstone contrasts brilliantly against vibrant shades of mint and pistachio green colours, which are sometimes neon-like in their vividness. 

These streaks and swirls of green create mesmerising patterns atop the Moonstone surface.

In some Green Moonstones, the adularescent effect is displayed: adularescence is the name for the stunning blue flashes of light which dance across the surface of Moonstones

Where Does Green Moonstone Come From? 

Garnierite can be found in many countries worldwide, including India and Australia.

This particular piece was sourced from Madagascar

Green Moonstone Spiritual Meaning

Garnierite is sometimes called the "Stone of the Goddess", as it is strongly associated with Mother Earth and the goddess Gaia in spirituality.  

Green Moonstone Chakras

Garnierite is most associated with the Heart Chakra, which means it has a loving energy and helps its user to form strong bonds with their loved ones.

Green Moonstone can also be used to help heal rifts in friendships, and to facilitate the creation of new acquaintances.

Garnierite is an abundance stone, and is thus sometimes referred to as the "Accumulation Stone" or the "Acquisition Stone". 

This means that Green Moonstone is good luck stone, and can be used to attract good luck, wealth, and prosperity. 

Green Moonstone is very calming, and can help one achieve their goals. 

How Hard Is Green Moonstone?

Great care should be taken not to damage the crystal surface by handling the stone gently and keeping it away from other stones. 

To clean the delicate crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Green Moonstone Collections

This Green Moonstone palm stone is truly stunning, and is sure to catch someone's eye with its stunning colours.

Buy Green Moonstone online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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