Ocean Jasper Mushroom Carving 7.7cm

Ocean Jasper Mushroom Carving 7.7cm | Image 1
Ocean Jasper Mushroom Carving 7.7cm | Image 2
Ocean Jasper Mushroom Carving 7.7cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 7.7cm tall, 4.4cm wide top, 3.7cm wide base
Ref: 16670
Price: £23.00

Ocean Jasper crystals for sale from Madagascar.

This gorgeous Ocean Jasper Crystal Mushroom Carving measures 7.7cm tall and displays stunning swirls of blue-grey, red, yellow, and brown amongst other hues. 

This striking crystal carving showcases a unique mushroom/ toadstool shape. 

Sourced from the North East shores of Madagascar, this mineral also goes by the name of Orbicular Jasper.

Orbicular Jasper displays stunning patterns and swirls and streaks of colour alongside its brilliantly colourful orbs. 

The distinctive orb pattern present in the crystal is caused by circular Quartz inclusions, and these orbs can be very colourful.

Although Ocean Jasper is only found in Madagascar, there are other types of Orbicular Jaspers that can be found worldwide, including Kambaba Jasper and King Cobra Jasper

Crystal healers believe Ocean Jasper to have nurturing, detoxifying properties that relieve negative emotions and energies in the user.

The vivid colours in this Orbicular Jasper Crystal Mushroom Carving make it a valuable addition to any collection, or as a unique display piece in any home.

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