Botryoidal Pyrite Crystal 5.3cm

Botryoidal Pyrite Crystal 5.3cm | Image 1
Botryoidal Pyrite Crystal 5.3cm | Image 2
Botryoidal Pyrite Crystal 5.3cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 5.3cm long, 5.2cm tall, 4cm deep
Ref: 15287
Price: £27.00

Botryoidal Pyrite crystals for sale from Africa.

This high-grade, rare, hand-polished Botryoidal Pyrite Crystal measures 5.3cm long.

This unique mineral shimmers and shines with gorgeous golden hues which reflect like a mirror, displaying grape-like clusters of gold in a spectacularly tactile, natural botryoidal crystal shape. 

These metallic golds contrast against a stunning backdrop of jet-black, creating a marvellous tapestry of colour. 

Containing Pyrite and Magnetite, this rare form of Pyrite is very similar in composition and appearance to the revered Healer's Gold, which is otherwise known as Apache Gold

What Is Pyrite Made Of? 

This mineral is composed of iron and sulphur (it is an iron sulphide).

Pyrite is often mistaken for gold due to its golden colouring and tendency to be found in the same rocks as gold: Fool's Gold is thus a term that has been given to Pyrite. 

Pyrite History

Pyrite was widely used in Ancient Mesoamerica, where the Mayans polished it to create mirrors. The reflective nature of the stone's surface ensured it was perfect for this role. 

The name for this stone was derived from the Greek word for fire ('Pyros'), and Pyrite was thus named because when struck against a hard surface or another Pyrite specimen, it gives off sparks.

This mineral has been found in Pre-Historic Burial Mounds, indicating that ancient humans used Pyrite to ignite fires before it was even named. 

Pyrite Crystal Healing Properties

Crystal healers believe Pyrite's connection to fire gives it an intense fiery energy that gifts its user with determination and vitality.

A stone for warriors, this mineral is said to ignite one's bravery and to encourage prosperity and will power in its user.

If looking for crystals to boost confidence, Pyrite is the perfect stone for you. 

This special stone is also believed to be an excellent stress relieving crystal. It protects its user and helps them to feel safe and secure by improving their self-esteem. 

How Hard Is Pyrite?

Pyrite measures 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, meaning it is a relatively hard and durable stone, but care should still be taken not to damage its surface. 

Pyrite Crystal Collections

This stunning, rare Botryoidal Pyrite Crystal makes a perfect collector's item and a stunning piece of home decor, and is ideal for the crystal healer due to its similarity to Healer's Gold. 

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