Cherry Blossom Agate Freeform 7.3cm

Cherry Blossom Agate Freeform 7.3cm | Image 1
Cherry Blossom Agate Freeform 7.3cm | Image 2
Cherry Blossom Agate Freeform 7.3cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 7.3cm tall, 5.2cm wide, 4.6cm deep
Ref: 14926
Price: £26.00

Cherry Blossom Agate crystals for sale from Madagascar.

This beautiful Flower Agate Freeform measures a stunning 7.3cm tall and is particularly alluring due to its subtle mix of chic colours and patterns.

Displaying a stunning base adorned with pink, beige, and cream flower-like inclusions, this gem is truly mesmerising. 

The crystal is marked by a distinctive pattern that resembles flowers from the Cherry Blossom tree, hence why this stone is called Cherry Blossom Agate or Flower Agate.

What Type Of Crystal Is Cherry Blossom Agate? 

Cherry Blossom Agate is a form of Agate, a member of the Chalcedony group of stones, which in turn is a member of the large Quartz family.

All types of Quartz are composed from silica (otherwise known as silicon dioxide), but differ due to their crystal structures.

Chalcedony gems are microcrystalline in structure, which means you can't see the crystals inside the stone. 

Other types of Chalcedony gemstones include Jasper, Carnelian, and Chrysoprase.  

Other Types Of Agate

Agate is a versatile stone which comes in many colours, forms, and patterns.

Moss Agate is another popular form of Agate, and makes a great companion piece to Flower Agate due to its similar connection to nature. 

Other forms of Agate include Blue Lace Agate and colourful Crazy Lace Agate.  

Cherry Blossom Agate Patterns

Flower Agate is distinct from other types of Agate by its unique floral patterns, which swirl inside the stone like glitters inside a snow globe.

This pink gemstone is a plume agate which features elaborate white inclusions that give the stone its outstanding aesthetics.

Cherry Blossom Agate features 3 dimensional plumes, as opposed to other plume agates that only have 2D ones.

These plumes intersect to form the patterns unique to this stone, creating the illusion of seeds and petals. 

Where Do You Find Cherry Blossom Agate?

Cherry Blossom Agate is a relatively new discovery, and is only found in Madagascar

Cherry Blossom Agate Crystal Healing Properties

Crystal healers believe that Cherry Blossom Agate exudes a strong calming aura and nourishing energy.

Flower Agate And Personal Growth

The flower-like patterns of this stone are deeply symbolic of growth, thus Cherry Blossom Agate is said to metaphysically enhance personal growth and achievement. 

Like a seed that grows into a plant that bears flowers, Flower Agate helps people to bloom and fulfil their potentials. 

Flower Agate And Following Our Dreams

This gem is the stone of dreamers: it is believed to nurture dreams and help manifest them, for it encourages people to live life the way they want, to the fullest. 

The stone is thought to erase all traces of fear and self-doubt which often keep us from reaching our maximum.

Like a shield, it guards us from our own selves that hold us back and give us the required spurt we need to grow.

Cherry Blossom Agate Chakras

Flower Agate is associated with the Root Chakra and the Heart Chakra

When used with the Root Chakra, this stone keeps people grounded and reminds them of their roots, helping them to remain aware of their purpose and desire to keep growing. 

When used with the Heart Chakra, this stone provides compassion and love, helping its user develop the self-esteem needed for their self-growth journey. 

Who Should Use Flower Agate? 

If you are a person who is goal driven and has high hopes for life, then a piece of Cherry Blossom Agate will keep you striving after them constantly.

This makes it a great stone for budding entrepreneurs to have on their person when launching one’s business career. 

How To Use Cherry Blossom Agate

  • Place a piece on top of your heart chakra to give yourself a boost of confidence and self-love
  • Place a piece on your root chakra to remind yourself of where your journey started and where you want to go
  • Hold a piece in your hand and meditate to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Display a piece in your home or workplace as a reminder to follow your life's purpose.

How Hard Is Cherry Blossom Agate? 

Measuring 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively hard and durable and resistant to scratching, but care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Cherry Blossom Agate Collections

Cut from high grade Agate, this tactile item is ideal for the collector, healer, or as a stunning piece of home decor. 

This piece of Flower Agate has been carefully carved and polished by artisans to enhance the kaleidoscope of soft pink, cream, and beige colours upon its surface. 

Buy Cherry Blossom Agate online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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