Ammonite Cleoniceras 18cm

Ammonite Cleoniceras 18cm | Image 1
Ammonite Cleoniceras 18cm | Image 2
Ammonite Cleoniceras 18cm | Image 3
Ammonite Cleoniceras 18cm | Image 4
Ammonite Cleoniceras 18cm | Image 5
Dimensions: 18cm at widest point
Ref: 14756
Price: £271.00


Cleoniceras Ammonites, polished fossil for sale from Madagascar. This beautiful large ammonite measures 18cm at its widest point and has been carefully hand-polished to reveal its rich golden brown and cream calcite replacements and impressive fern-like suture patterns. These replacements occurred over a very long period of fossilisation, wherein water dissolved the original hard parts of the ammonite shell and replaced it with mineral matter.

This unique piece displays a shimmering, iridescent centre displaying gorgeous rainbow colours. 

This gorgeous, richly coloured fossil is of a very high grade and displays a smooth, glistening shell which makes it perfect for a collector or as a gift for a fossil lover. Sourced from the jungles of Mahajanga on the North West Coast of Madagascar, and dating from the Cretaceous Period at 120 million years old, this piece is a stunning historical item. The piece comes complete with display stand.

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