Polychrome Jasper Mushroom Carving 9cm

Polychrome Jasper Mushroom Carving 9cm | Image 1
Polychrome Jasper Mushroom Carving 9cm | Image 2
Polychrome Jasper Mushroom Carving 9cm | Image 3
Polychrome Jasper Mushroom Carving 9cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 9cm tall, 5.9cm wide top, 4.5cm wide base, 5.7cm deep at deepest point
Ref: 14515
Price: £36.00

Polychrome Jasper Mushroom Carvings for sale from Madagascar.

This colourful Polychrome Jasper Mushroom measures 9cm in height, and displays lovely grey, orange, and brown colours.

This striking crystal carving showcases a unique mushroom/ toadstool shape. 

Polychrome Jasper is a gorgeous, colourful form of Chalcedony found in large formations in the deserts of Madagascar, and therefore it is also known as Desert Jasper.

Polychrome Jasper is renowned for its similarity to Mookaite from Australia. 

This piece has been polished to a high grade to enhance its vibrant volcanic colours. The fiery hues present in Polychrome Jasper result from inclusions of iron and signify creativity and courage. However, despite symbolising passion, the stone also has a calming aura that has been purported by crystal healers to help alleviate stress.

This unique crystal makes a wonderful display piece for the collector and a great gift. 

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