Rainbow Fluorite Wave 9.5cm

Rainbow Fluorite Wave 9.5cm | Image 1
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 9.5cm | Image 2
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 9.5cm | Image 3
Rainbow Fluorite Wave 9.5cm | Image 4
Dimensions: 9.5cm tall, 7.7cm wide, 2cm deep
Ref: 13395
Price: £59.00

Rainbow Fluorite crystals for sale from China.

This magnificently colourful 9.5cm tall Rainbow Fluorite Wave showcases a spectacular spectrum of colour.  

The Fluorite is of a very high grade, displaying shimmering bands of vivid purples amidst stripes of striking blues and greens, which complement each-other to create a radiant effect.

In this stunning Rainbow Fluorite piece, vibrant, punchy turquoises and aqua blues shine brightly alongside deep sea-greens and emerald tones. 

This rainbow stone has a natural uncut side, which gives the piece a unique, stunning look reminiscent of ocean waves.

The crystal-encrusted edges of the smooth, shining polished Fluorite are truly mesmerising.

Please note: this piece also displays some small natural holes on one of its polished faces. 

What Is Rainbow Fluorite Made Of? 

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride (it is composed of the elements calcium and fluorine) and is a member of the halide minerals family. 

Pure Fluorite is colourless and transparent: impurities within the crystal are what causes the range of colours observed in Rainbow Fluorite. elements are impurities

What Colour Is Fluorite? 

Fluorite can display the whole spectrum of colour: for this reason, it has been dubbed "the most colourful mineral in the world". 

This unique stone can display specimens with one pure colour, or multiple colours in banded patterns, as is found in Rainbow Fluorite

Aquamarine blues, vivid violets, ocean-like turquoises and bright greens are just some of the colours that can be observed in a piece of Fluorite. 

Types Of Fluorite

At Madagascan Direct, we have lots of Rainbow Fluorite available for purchase, as well as Yellow Fluorite.

Yellow Fluorite is highly aesthetically pleasing, and showcases a base of ethereal gold lined by bands and stripes of dark purple. 

Other famous varieties of Fluorite include Derbyshire Blue John, which displays lovely blue-purple tones.

Where Does Rainbow Fluorite Come From? 

Rainbow Fluorite can be found in many places worldwide, including major mines located in Brazil, Mexico, and the USA.

This particular piece was sourced from China

Rainbow Fluorite History

Fluorite has been used for millennia for a variety of purposes. 

This mineral's name was derived from the Latin word "fluere" (which means to flow) because it is used as flux in iron smelting to help remove impurities from the iron during the processing of the ore. 

However, it was originally called Fluorospar, and this name is what Fluorite is often referred to in industry.  

The phenomenon of fluorescence was named in the 19th century after the mineral Fluorite because many high grade pure fluorite samples exhibit a fluorescent effect under UV light. 

What Is Fluorite Used For?

Fluorite has many uses in industry, alongside its brilliant decorative qualities as a colourful gemstone.

  • High grade, pure Fluorite is processed in the chemical industry to create hydrofluoric acid, which is an importance component of household products such as cleaning agents and electronics, as well as a key ingredient for the antidepressant medication Fluoxetine. 
  • Fluorite is the most importance source of fluorine, which is used to make Teflon: Fluorite is commonly used in the ceramics industry to make durable, glossy glass products. 
  • Fluorite is melted and combined with other minerals in the optics industry to make sharp, clear lenses for cameras and telescopes. 
  • In the metal industry, Fluorite is used as flux in steel and iron works.

Rainbow Fluorite Healing Properties

Rainbow Fluorite is believed to have powerful metaphysical and healing properties.

This colourful crystal is renowned for its ability in the crystal healing world to balance negative energies, and to bring health and vitality to its user. 

Generically, all Fluorites display certain metaphysical properties: they are said to be very grounding stones which offer their users a sense of protection and peace.

Sometimes referred to as a genius stone, Rainbow Fluorite can improve one's concentration and problem-solving abilities.

If you find it difficult to have the confidence and intuition to make decisions, Rainbow Fluorite is the perfect stone for you, and is particularly powerful if you meditate with it on the Third Eye Chakra for this purpose. 

Rainbow Fluorite Chakras

Rainbow Fluorite is very powerful metaphysically, because it cleanses all of the chakras. 

Due to its variety of colours, this colourful gem incorporates the spiritual properties of all different coloured Fluorites

Let's break Rainbow Fluorite down into its colour components, and the specific chakras each coloured Fluorite works with: 

  • Clear Fluorite, or Pure Fluorite (the clear, transparent form of Fluorite without impurities), is associated with the Crown Chakra. Using Fluorite with this chakra ensures you align all of the chakras together in perfect harmony. PURITY OF MIND
  • Blue Fluorite is most often used with the Throat Chakra, where it is believed to help its user to communicate in a clear, calm manner. 
  • Green Fluorite is heavily associated with the Heart Chakra, where it can be used to balance one's emotions. GROWTH AND FLOURISHING 
  • Purple Fluorite is powerful when used with the Third Eye Chakra, which helps its user develop their sense of intuition, awareness, and understanding of themselves. 

When we look at all of the properties of Fluorite combined as they are in Rainbow Fluorite, we can see that this stone is very special. 

Rainbow Fluorite, overall, cleanses negative energies from one's aura, calms your strong emotions, and helps you to speak from your heart and live in harmony with yourself and others. 

How Hard Is Rainbow Fluorite? 

Measuring 4 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is quite soft and fragile.

Great care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface by handling the stone gently and keeping it away from other stones. 

To clean this rainbow crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Rainbow Fluorite Collections

This exciting piece, which has been expertly hand-polished, is ideal for the healer or collector, or for someone who simply likes aesthetically-pleasing objects.

Buy Rainbow Fluorite online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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