Carnelian Crystals

Carnelian, a beautiful orange-red crystal, derives its name from the cornel cherry due to the similarities between their alluring red shades. A form of chalcedony (a silica crystal composed from quartz), carnelian differs from this carnelian geodemineral because of its famed reddish tints, which are the result of iron oxide impurities within the chalcedony structure. Vibrant and vivid, the flame-like colours have influenced its place in the practice of feng shui; the mineral is said to be a form of fire energy, and can be placed in the south area of your home (in the reputation area) to improve your status. Other metaphysical properties relate to its fiery nature; carnelian is reputed to elevate passionate emotions, including love. Often, richly coloured bands can be seen on the crystal’s surface; these carnelian pieces are known as carnelian agate.

In astrological terms, carnelian is the official Zodiac stone for the sign Virgo, and the birthstone for August. The bright, summery tones of this semi-precious gemstone ensure its enduring popularity as the stone for sunny months. The positivity of this crystal makes it a great healing stone for a plethora of medical conditions including fertility problems, as well as being excellent for maintaining general good health.

Carnelian has great historical value. It was the choice material for amulets in Ancient Egypt, where sections of
carnelian spherethe Book of the Dead were carved onto its surface: the finished product was kept in the deceased’s tomb to help their journey into the afterlife. Similarly, in Ancient Rome, engraved carnelian rings were used for protection, and the use of carnelian tools was the renowned way of pressing wax seals onto important letters (because hot wax cannot be glued to carnelian). According to an archbishop who lived two thousand years ago, carnelian represented the shed blood of Judeo-Christian martyrs, therefore carnelian has religious worth. As a mineral of strength, courage and power, soldiers in ancient wars wore carnelian to tap into its intense energy and win victorious battles. In the modern age, carnelian still promotes bravery, therefore it is perfect for people who want to be more confident during public speaking.

At Madagascan Direct, we sell high quality carnelian, sourced from Madagascar, in a range of shapes and patterns. All of our geodes, eggs, geode eggs, spheres, pebbles and free forms are hand-polished until the
mineral shines radiantly. These pieces are fantastic for interior design, and make perfect sculptures with theircarnelian pendant unique patterns and gorgeous open crystal cavities. As well as display pieces, exclusive jewellery pieces are also available from our site; you can purchase one-of-a-kind carnelian pendants, set in silver and ready to wear as a necklace. If you’d like to see what carnelian we have to offer, then please enjoy looking through our website’s catalogue. Or you may be interested in viewing our selection of natural citrine, a gem which also demonstrates lovely summery colours.

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