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Crystals for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year. People all over the world celebrate the modern conceptualisation of All Hallow's Eve, and many still practice ancient Samhain rituals and traditions. Many families enjoy decorating their homes to embrace the spirit of the season, and here at Madagascan Direct we would like to provide you with some ideas of stones we believe perfectly embody the colours and aesthetics of Halloween. 

             Black Tourmaline CrystalOrange Calcite

The colours of the Halloween season are easily recognisable with their vibrant orange and black tones. To find display pieces which embody this colour scheme, why not try an Orange Calcite piece, of which we still have some spheres available. Orange is one of the more unusual shades to find Calcite in, and each Orange Calcite piece displays a rich orange hue streaked with hints of bright white. Orange Calcite is believed by crystal healers to increase one's vitality and energy, making it a perfect stone to use when the long, dark nights are sapping your energy. 

              Black Tourmaline CrystalOrange Calcite Sphere

Decorating your home with a piece of jet-black Tourmaline will also be sure to get you into the spirit of Halloween. This stunning stone, which also goes by the name of Schorl, is purported to have powerful calming properties, and all of our pieces were sourced from the Sahatany Valley in Madagascar. Each piece is truly unique in shape and crystal formation, but all display lustrous inky black tones. We have a small selection of glossy Black Tourmaline Spheres available, and also a variety of striking natural Black Tourmaline Crystals. Furthermore, we have some gorgeous samples of Tourmaline in Quartz from Brazil (otherwise known as Tourmalinated Quartz), which are pieces of bright Clear Quartz with vibrant Tourmaline inclusions. Our high-grade Tourmalinated Quartz is available in both sleek points and tactile wand shapes.

              Black Tourmaline for SaleQuartz in Tourmaline Point

Smoky Quartz, with its dark colours, is also a great stone to decorate the house with at Halloween. Each piece exhibits a range of shades, varying from light smoky tones to warm brown hues. Renowned for its cleansing properties, crystal healers believe that Smoky Quartz refreshes and detoxes one's energy to release negative emotions. Due to its earthy colouring, this stone has a strong connection to the Earth and is believed to have a strong grounding effect. At Madgascan Direct, we have a wide range of Smoky Quartz shapes available for purchase including points (both single and double-terminated), pebbles, eggs, spheres, wands, and freeforms.

              Smoky Quartz PebbleSmoky Quartz Point

All of us here at Madagascan Direct wish you a very happy Halloween if you celebrate the holiday, and we hope that you find a crystal or stone from our collection that speaks to you!

              Smoky Quartz SphereSmoky Quartz Egg

            Smoky Quartz WandSmoky Quartz Freeform

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