Citrine Crystals

Citrine is a prized gemstone whose name originates from the Latin word ‘citrina’, meaning lemon, due to its famed lemon-yellow hue. Though many citrine crystals are lemon coloured, this gem exhibits a variety of shades of yellow; from burnt, summery yellows to pale golds. There are many theories about the cause of this rare colour, the Citrine Faccettedprincipal ones being about the presence of iron impurities, or colour centres composed from aluminium and created by irradiation.  A part of the macrocrystalline quartz group, this transparent gem is formed from silicon dioxide and measures 7 on the Mohs scale; consequently, citrine is relatively hard and lacks susceptibility to wear. This ensures citrine sold by Madagascan Direct is hardy and long lasting.

Historically, citrine has been used as a protection stone against threats such as snake venom and evil spirits. It was given as a gift in Ancient Rome and Greece, and is also known as the merchant’s stone, for over time many shops have stored it in their cash register as a way of improving profits. Citrine is also astrologically valued; it is the official birthstone for November, the Planetary stone for the astrological sign Virgo, and an alternate gemstone for Sagittarius. It is the gemstone for the 13th and 17th wedding anniversaries, consequently it makes a great anniversary gift.

Its metaphysical properties primarily relate to its powers of promoting positivity and prosperity. The colour of Citrine Wandsunlight, citrine radiates happiness. It is said to banish negative energy, and therefore it can alleviate family conflict, as well as reduce the personal conflicts of low mood and fear. By placing it beside your bed before you sleep, some people believe that you will reap the reward of a rest undisturbed by nightmares. Many testify that citrine can improve physical health, for example by maintaining the good condition of your organs. Spiritually, citrine is useful in meditation as it removes negativity from the aura. In China, citrine is referred to as a ‘success stone’ because of its alleged ability to improve educational attainment; teachers and students use the gem to optimise their learning. For similar reasons, it can be placed in your money area (the Southeast portion of your home/office) as a way of gaining wealth whilst practicing feng shui.

Most citrine on the market isn’t truly citrine; instead, many retailers sell amethyst that has been heat-treated to achieve citrine’s trademark colour. This is because there is only a tiny amount of natural citrine left in the world. However, some natural citrine still remains in Madagascar’s deposits, and Madagascan Direct has this extremelyCitrine Point Natural rare gem available for your purchase. We handpick the best citrine available, and polish it back at our UK base to ensure its bright colours are crisp and clear. The citrine is sold in a variety of shapes, including faceted points and wands, alongside similar crystals such as smoky quartz, which is found in the same igneous rock environment as citrine. If this interests you, then please feel free to browse our catalogue, where we have plenty of pieces available for you to look at.


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