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Buy Ruby Kyanite And Enjoy Spectacular Powers To Beat Your Fate

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You are sure to be aware of the red ruby crystal, considered to be a precious gemstone. Its ravishing red colour is breath-taking and makes you think of life instantly. You will be elated to know that it comes in a fabulous variety of hue ranging from a pale, almost transparent shade to the most intense and vivid red. You are welcome to visit a jeweller and have the fantastic gemstone cut and polished to perfection so that you can use it as an adornment.  Do not hesitate to obtain a chunky, solid ruby crystal to attain the pride of place in your home either. It is a collector’s dream come true and will be able to heal your chakras if you are an ardent believer of metaphysics. Choose a stunner from amongst the array of rubies available at Madagascan Direct

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It is time to turn your attention to the equally spectacular and hard semi precious crystal known as kyanite. It is a metamorphic rock that has been subjected to intense pressure underground ultimately turning to quartz. The term is derived from cyan, referring to the unique blue hue. You are welcome to use the dark blue quartz as a gemstone by creating an entire set of jewellery. However, you may also choose to keep it displayed on a simple tray at the corner of your room to encourage positivity into your life.

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Surprisingly, a few kyanite specimens are tinged with streaks of orange making it a rare mineral indeed. You may have come across the term ruby in kyanite that depicts the union of the two contrasting coloured crystals, red and blue.Identifying a genuine kyanite from a fake one is not too difficult as you will be able to view the long column like crystals instantly. Polymorphs occur frequently in kyanite as well and you may come across a rare specimen containing a hint of red ruby inside the intense blue crystal.

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Remember that both ruby and kyanite are powerful stones in themselves and their coming together can boost your fate like no other. The unique combination will help you to cherish your dreams thereby making you feel on the top of the world.

Check our ruby in kyanite and other crystals available to buy at Madagascan Direct to find the stone of your preference. You do not have to travel to Nepal or Pakistan to source it, however. Madagascan Direct will help you to realise your dreams and adorn yourself at the same time. We have a range of stunning products in various forms including pebbles, spheres, and massage wands


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