Optical Calcite's Hidden Beauty


Optical Calcite's Hidden Beauty

It is indeed difficult to find a gift for the man of your heart if he lacks for nothing. Do not give up though for you wouldOptical Calcite Crystal surely come up with just the right gift that he will cherish forever. It is of use buying him any kind of jewellery for he will not be inclined to wearing it. What about trapping some light into a beautiful and mesmerising crystal and handing it to him with a flourish. Do not be surprised, you can do exactly that and more by getting him a spectacular piece of optical calcite or Iceland Spar.

The transparent crystal is not going to be expensive though for its unique optical properties especially birefringence or double refraction is going to excite him no end. After all, this stone is attained historical fame by being used by the top scientists who were engrossed with the study of optics. The elite group includes the like of Christiaan Huygens, Sir Optical Honey Calcite CrystalGeorge Stokes and Isaac Newton, the great scientist as well. The phenomenon of polarization had been explained at length eventually by Augustin-Jean Fresnel sometime in the 1820s. The Vikings are believed to have used it for navigating the freezing waters as well.

Do not go asking for this colourless crystal from Iceland though. It has been known to exist in many other places of the world notably China and Madagascar. You are likely to find it in the shape of a uniform rhombus although the texture is likely to be a trifle grainy if it is not polished. However, its cleavage happens to be perfect making the jewellers sell it as cleavage pieces. Do not be too disappointed on finding the totally colourless ones being unavailable though. You could always opt for the equally and truly impressive rich honey coloured optical calcite instead and end up :Lavender Optical Calcite Crystalpleasing him just as much. Be amazed at the incredibly vivid and punchy rainbows that jump out at you from within the optical calcite crystals as you hold and turn them through the light. 

Ask for the beautiful Rhombohedron or sphere when you are intent on obtaining the best quality calcite having optical properties. Metaphysically, the wonderful crystals are known to open the mind and banish the fears from within with the gold or honey coloured ones exhibiting an intense vibration that can accentuate the energies of the body.

Do not worry about finding the right optical calcite though. You can find an array of beautiful high quality examples for sale at https://www.madagascandirect.com/results.asp?q=optical&srchtyp=P&issrch=Y and fill your basket with the crystals that can make a difference.

Optical Honey Calcite SphereOptical Honey Calcite Crystal

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