Semi Precious Stone Egg Collections


Semi Precious Stone Egg Collections

King Cobra Jasper EggThere is no lack of of gem stones in the market today. However, you might be a bit wary about buying the ones considered to be precious as they are likely to be pricey and well beyond one’s means. Forget investing in diamond, rubies, emeralds or sapphires for now and consider the pluses of semi precious gems, found usually as crystals. They happen to be affordable despite the striking beauty and play of colours. However, you cannot really hope to wear a chunky piece of rough rock on your person and expect it to display the metaphysical qualities that are associated with it. Opt for a perfectly cut crystal in the shape you prefer therefore. Wait! The shape matters hugely too and you need to check out the significance of hearts, points and spheres before deciding to buy one for yourself.

You might try considering the unique egg shaped crystal for a change. It is definitely magnificent to look at and Carnelian Eggs for salepolished to perfection in order to reveal the iridescence and mind boggling hues. Yet, you do need to know what a humble egg cut out of King Cobra Jasper, Rose Quartz or a Rainbow moonstone can do to change your fate.

The crystal eggs are usually utilized to protect, heal and strengthen the resolve of the wearer. It is known to bring about a total transformation of the personality and encourage one to begin anew. You do not always have to wear them though. The fragile ones can shatter without warning leaving you bereft. The best way to ensure protection and spread its Labradorite Eggs for saleaura around would be to have it within a bowl and place it on a side table. You may also have a small stand created for holding the egg if you are intent on keeping it by your bedside.

Check out the amazing collection of egg shaped crystals at and have a field day choosing the ones that can make a difference to your life. Happy Shopping!Rose Quartz Eggs for sale

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