Black Tourmaline


Hidden Energy Of Black Tourmaline

Keep a piece of Black tourmaline within your home and be amazed by its innate powers. You have surely heard of Black Tourmalinethe words ‘black is beautiful’ and this brilliant crystal is definitely pretty but so much more. While the lustrous black may not be quite apt for fashioning into a pendant or wearing it as a ring, you are welcome to add it to your ever expanding collection of crystals and grab the advantages it offers.

It is a mysterious stone and is believed to absorb all the natural colours that you are likely to find in a rainbow. The ancient lores speak of the colour black as being evil, the beautiful mineral of tourmaline has the power to draw out the fear from the deepest corners of your mind thereby banishing the darkness completely. Using it has become all the more common with hundreds of people trying to fight their inner demons. Psychiatrists do try their level best to help their patients battling their Black Tourmalinephobias but you would just have to position the genuine tourmaline in pitch black to get rid of the anxieties and fears once and for all.

The psychic healers advise carrying it everywhere that you go. It is sure to lend a surprising calm to your mind, allowing you to address the deep seated fears thereby putting a rest to the anxiety within. It also happens to be part of the daily cleansing of chakras. So, do not forget to keep it near at hand for obtaining the right effect at the right moment.

Toss a small piece in your pocket or carry it in your purse as you step out of home. You will be able to thwart the negativity and toxic influences big time. Black tourmaline is also associated with the main chakra of the body that will keep you feelingBlack Tourmaline secure and totally grounded to reality. Remember that the black crystal stone acts akin to sponge by soaking in the negativity perfectly. So, be sure to keep it clean by washing it vigorously with pure, spring water.

Keep it atop a shelf or on a corner table by placing it on a tiny bowl or frame. You are free to meditate in the same room and be rewarded with intense concentration. You will indeed be surprised to find peace and total stability in your life courtesy the black tourmaline stone. Buy the natural stone by login to and let the chaos and confusion recede far away.

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