Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz

You cannot dismiss a dark coloured crystal instantly because of its hue. On the contrary, the Smoky Quartz Crystalssmoky quartz point gives out a clear message that is indeed beneficial for psychics. Sure, the shade might give you an unearthly feeling but the wisp of smoke like glaze should not spook you out, not unless you have something to hide. The brownish stone actually keeps your chakras rooted to the planet.

Turn the pages of history and you find it mentioned by the Druids who believed it to be a stone of power. It was deemed to be sacred and utilized by the spiritual sect to guide people safely through their journey to the other world, post death. It was also employed in a vast number of rituals where the shaman or the wise one used to speak to the spirits via this magical quartz crystal. That does not mean that you cannot use it in this life though. In fact, the stone will help to keep you totally grounded by absorbing all the negativity emanating out of your body.

smoky quartz pebbleSure, this beautiful stone can be found in various regions of the world today. While geologists are not too impressed with its metaphysical properties, considering it to be a mineral of silicon dioxide that is found in a wide variety of hues, you will be ecstatic know about its hidden values. Be sure to point a double terminated point crystal to the ground and you will feel your stress and pent up frustrations being released slowly but surely.

Your misfortune and negative vibes all around you would be absorbed by this amazing quartz crystal even as it keeps you protected from theft and accidents. Be sure to obtain the genuine smoky quartz though forsmoky quartz double terminated point an artificially smoke like interior will only cause you grief. Drop into the best online store and take your pick from the range available at . You will find our goals come within your reach as your ideas become real one by one.

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