Crystals in Interior Design


6 Brilliant Ideas of Using Crystals in Interior Design

Doing up your interiors need to be an enormously expensive project. Well, you are free to hire a world class king cobra orbicular jasper bowlprofessional if money happens to be of no object for you but then there are ways and means of enhancing your home elegantly by spending only a modest amount. However, this does not mean that you will have to buy cheap vases and settle for the flowers from your garden either. On the contrary, you can create a beautiful effect just by investing in a few polished crystal pieces available in quaint shapes and put them to good use wherein they will add to the glamour of your home. While you are only limited by your imagination, you can always take help from the following ideas of adorning your rooms with the spectacular looking crystals thereby creating an effect that is certain to grab eyeballs.

Geode Light- Make sure to buy a lovely Celestite or Carnelian geode celestite geodein freeform or egg shape and turn it into a lamp by adding a lighted candle. You might also choose to have it wired with the help of your electrician and place it bang at the center of a table or a corner where the soft light looks welcoming and peaceful at the same time. You might find the geode you covet by visiting

Chandelier- The white colored King Cobra jasper strikingly a like to a King Cobra’s body is sure to mesmerize and attract attention. You might actually go for buying a handful of the crystal pebbles and hang them from golden chains from the ceiling to create a marvelous chandelier that looks striking and quite out of this world. 

Drawer Knobs- Your bedrooms needs to look beautiful as well. So, go ahead and add some of the perfectly cleoniceras ammonitepolished crystal pebbles to the side table, dresser drawers and chest of drawers so that they double as handles thus giving your bedroom an upscale appearance. It will indeed be a pleasure to step into the bedroom with the handles twinkling merrily after catching the light. You might obtain a selection of such pebbles by shopping at

Frames- Do you have a picture that you want to display? What about that mirror that is looking bare? Do not pass anxious moments in trying to put them to good use. Embellish them instead by opting for the stalactitic amethyst slices and converting them into frames that will look as enticing as the content within. No stalactitic quartzissues if you are reluctant to cut the colorful amethyst though. Take your pick from the array showcased at stalactitic quartz with amethyst slices and decorate your interiors as you deem fit.

Mounted Fossilized Wood as Book Ends- You are proud of your book collection and justifiably so. It might be time to preserve the old classics in the right manner by displaying them neatly on your book shelf and adding an offbeat pair of book ends made out of fossilized wood. or have an impressive fossil wood display piece set on a polished metallic mount to prevent the items from toppling over. Madagascan direct has a huge variety of fossilised wood so why not check it out.

Framed Agate- Forget investing in expensive paintings! Choose to buy semi precious stones in the form of crystals and quartz stones instead. You are welcome to get hold of a blue green agate a.k.a moss agate and fossil wood sliceframe it to be displayed on your walls as an alternative to the paintings or pictures. Opt for white, black or gilded frames in order to show off the color to perfection. You are free to consider the best agate crystal for your home by looking at the beautiful items on sale at

You might also place a collection of colored crystals within a glass box and place them on your center table. The play of lights on the crystals may or may not invoke your internal energy but it is sure to attract your attention.

Last but not the least, you can contemplate creating a beautiful garden in your balcony or window sill and promote moss agate spherethe growth of plants by placing crystals that favour growing such as a moss agate. Make sure to add a moonstone to enhance fertility as well while the blue calcite will foster the growth of your plants. A citrine will keep the garden warm and energize it beautifully so that your tiny garden begins to grow and thrive courtesy of the metaphysical powers of various crystals.

You do not have to go from place to place trying to source the best crystals either. Visit and shop to your heart’s content for you are assured of enormous variety at affordable prices here.

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