Crystals and Shapes


Shapes Matter Too!

Crystals are minerals found within rocks and form a specific shape with a highly structured interior, something Yellow Quartz Spherelike lattice work. The colours of crystals vary sharply as do their properties. While most of them are utilised as adornments and are sold as semi precious jewellery, a few of them are coveted for their metaphysical elements as well. Amazingly, no crystal attains a regular shape in its natural form. Almost all of them are cut or polished before being sold to the customers.

The shaped crystals have been regarded highly in the ancient times too with all great civilizations of the ancient times believing in their spiritual power. You could actually benefit by choosing the right crystal shape when you are hunting for a specific stone at Blue Apatite Sphere . Here are a few salient points that you need to keep in mind before you go crystal shopping in earnest.

Pyramid- Be sure to place the pyramid around your home if you are seeking to direct the energies aptly. You can also use it for balancing your chakra. The vibrations it gives out can be protective in nature so be sure to have one handy when venturing out of your home.

Sphere- Also known as the crystal ball, this shape is known for its healing effect. Be sure to use one that is totally smooth and polished Lapis Lazuli Heartat the surface for only then will it be able to radiate the energy equally in all directions. Do not forget to retain it in your home for achieving harmony and peace.

Heart- Spread love and cheer to all and sundry by keeping a heart shaped crystal inside your room. You will find a rare peace of mind courtesy the heart with your emotional wounds healing rapidly. You thus move on and find the courage to enter a new relationship.

Points- Crystals come with diverse termination points as well. Be sure to pick the one that suits your purpose though. Guard the corners of Amethyst Pointyour room by placing a point at each end. Or else you can have a bigger one placed centrally on the crystal grid to focus the energies around your home.

Egg- The small sized crystal eggs can be carried with you 24/7 for strengthening the energy and shielding you from harm. You can also use it for meditating while remaining inside your home. The aura exuded by the crystal will enter every part of your home thus enlivening your spirits and transforming your personality for the better.Polychrome Jasper Egg

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