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True worth of Stalactite Slices

stalactite sliceYou would have heard about the limestone deposits in dark, dank caves known by the dual terms, stalactite and stalagmite. Yes! They are wonders of nature that has the visitors braving the darkness to enter the mysterious caves but the stalactite slices that you often see put up for sale are far removed from limestone formations. On the contrary, it is a formation of amethyst that grows in and around a central piece of agate and has to be cross cut to expose the crystal and the agate together. The resultant slices are absolutely stunning and can make magnificent jewellery or show pieces that can be used to adorn the interiors.

Sure, the appearance and beauty of the slices depends to a large extentstalactite slice on the skill of the individual cutting the rough stone but the interior formation and combination of amethyst and stalactite needs to be extraordinary as well. It is a rare phenomenon though, geologically speaking and can be found only in a few areas across the world. The very best stalactite slices bearing amethyst comes from Uruguay that has the beautiful formations deep within the layers of earth. Geologists believe the rock to be volcanic.

The play of colors in the stalactites can be awe inspiring indeed! The purplish hue range from the lightest of purple or pink to an intense violet that is commonly seen surrounding a deep, dark agate! As the slices are cut from the main rock with no polishing or finishing being apparent, they are usually found placed on desks or tables as an adornment. The ones stalactite sliceslooking for offbeat jewellery may also use it as chunky necklace or a ring that promises to make the wearer grab eyeballs as well.

The metaphysical properties of the amethyst remain intact in the lovely slices too with the wearer experience peace of mind and contentment while sadness and feelings of despair is thrown out of the body. Amethyst slices within the stalactites can also induce sleep, a magic for people suffering from insomnia. The stalactite slices happen to be invaluable for them while the price may seem to be a trifle steep for the collectors due to its rarity. No worries though! You will be able to source it most affordably by visiting for the best quality items sourced from Uruguay. stalactite slices

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