Phylloceras Ammonites


Phylloceras Ammonites

Everyone is excited at the thought of the giant dinosaurs roaming the earth millions of years ago. However, there arePhylloceras Ammonite many more creatures that became extinct presently around the same era. The Ammonites particularly the beautiful phylloceras ammonites also vanished from the planet. That does not mean that they have left no traces of their existence. In fact, you would be thrilled to discover the marine fossils in Madagascar especially the deep forests of Mahajanga.

Interestingly, the ammonites had been one of the first creatures to adapt to their environment, a good 300 million years ago. It evolved into numerous species thereafter with each particular form excelling the other in features and design of its shells. Sure, these ammonites can be phylloceras ammonitetraced back to the Cretacous era but the paleontologists have deciphered an index system of finding out the geological era by tracking the ammonites that had adapted successfully through the ages.

How do you know that you have a winner though? Spotting an ammonite is not really difficult as you would be able to recognize the spiral shape instantly. There had been ribs and ridges known as tubercles encircling the coils as well. However, this structure is common to almost every type of ammonite. So, can you actually differentiate phylloceras ammonites from amongst hundreds of similar marine fossils?phylloceras ammonite

You definitely could by its regular, flattened shell that has little or no ornamentation. However, it is the suture like lines that make its distinctive from the others ammonites. The term phylloceras or the leaf horn happens to be totally apt as the shape of the sutures reminds you of plant leaves. You would certainly find it hard to refuse adding it to your collection especially when you have looked over the specimens at

phylloceras ammoniteYou would be mesmerized to find the highly polished shell take the pride of place within your home as well. So, go ahead and buy it outright and obtain a stand along with it to display it beautifully. Explore the unique and beautiful fossils and crystals for sale at 

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