Chakra Cleansing via Crystals


Chakra Cleansing Via Crystals

It is not enough to keep your body fit and healthy. You need to take care of the spirits within as well. The eastern red jasper spherephilosophies speak about a number of chakras that are present throughout our bodies. You need to balance them perfectly in order to achieve fulfillment. Being laden with problems and then going about life with hundreds of anxieties on your mind is definitely not done. You have to find the source of your troubles and remove it from its root, cleaning your mind in the process.

True, you can try meditation as well as several yoga postures to initiate the healing process. However, you would also require a number of aids to cleanse the heart, liver, kidneys as well as your soul. Do not fall into the trap and end up buying coloured pebbles that have been passed on
natural citrine pointto you as healing crystals. Be sure to obtain only the genuine stones at the right price. Stopping by at as you browse the Internet will be able to provide you with huge relief. Again you need to be cautious about the crystals that you need to use. Remember, that life throws up many alternatives at different stages; so is it for the crystal and quartz stones blessed with healing properties.

You are free to try one or the other as per your convenience. Do not be convinced by a psychic’s power and pay through your nose in the hope of cleansing your chakras. Here are a few recommendations. You are welcome to take a look at and do accordingly.

  • Place bright red jasper, a vibrant ruby or a bloodstone near the groin and feel at ease with your body. Youlapis lazuli heart are bound to draw strength from the stones and feel motivated once again.
  • Enhance your creativity and be open to other ideas. You attain a wonderful flexibility by placing a citrine, tanzanite or calcite in the rust brown or orange colour on your pelvis.
  • Use the amber to rejuvenate your mind and get back the joy that had left your mind long away. You become energetic and enjoy life to the fullest by artful use of this beautiful crystal. Try the citrine if you do not possess amber.
  • Balance your emotions and get your relationships on track once again courtesy the rose quartz, moss agate or pink & green tourmaline. You will be at peace by relinquishing the deep seated anger festering inside for long.
  • You might also increase your power of communication with proper use of lapis lazuli or aquamarine. Likewise, the purple coloured amethyst will be able to open your third eye allowing you to focus on youramethyst sphere goals.
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