Double Terminated Quartz Points


Energy Of Double Terminated Quartz Points

Clear Quartz DTThere are very few people not enamored by the brilliance of crystals. While not all of them can be aptly described as a stunning stone yet the colour combos and intrinsic patterns of a variety of both crystals as well as the quartz stones capture the attention.  While both ordinary crystals as well as the rock crystals better known as quartz stones contain a good amount of silicon dioxide, they often differ in terms of properties mainly due to the way they have been shaped.

You are likely to find spheres and egg shaped ones in stores specialising in jewellery and collectables with the cabochon beads being widely used for adorning the person. The single and double terminated points on a quartz are coveted for their metaphysical properties, however. You can definitely opt to buy a beautiful double terminated point but first you need to understand its significance in order to make a difference to your own life.double terminated quartz point with Rutile

The ends of quartz are usually known as a termination on account of its sharpness. A quartz stone that reveals termination at both ends happens to be in high demand due to the flow of energy through it. A few such double terminated stones may look similar to a ball or an oval object due to the extremely narrow sides that have no space to taper off at the end. The two terminated quartz stones have its energy flowing both ways making it doubly advantageous for spiritual and psychic healing.

The single terminated stones may be found in a highly polished form included smoky quartz DT pointwithin stores selling crystals but purchasing it for the dual energy benefit would be misplaced for the energy flow will not alter by reshaping the stone artificially. It is the natural double terminations that are in possession of clairvoyants and soothsayers as they are believed to be blessed with an innate power that allows individuals to enhance their psychic qualities and interpret dreams effectively.

They are considered to be an excellent means of both sending and receiving energies as well contrary to the single ended crystal that happens to be strictly unidirectional. They work fantastically within grids for aiding transference of energy. It can also help in protection and maintenance of the various energy levels for an inordinately long time. It serves as an excellent tool for Natural Citrine double terminated point
balancing the Chakras as well. In short, you just cannot do without one in your collection whether you happen to dabble in metaphysics or simply want to better your life.

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